Pace Staff by Day: Superstar by Night

It’s a bird. It’s a plane. It’s… Wait, you’re a professional birdwatcher? A pilot? If you’ve got the story, we’ve got the outlet. We’d like to know what you moonlight as when the sun sets on your Pace job. Whether it’s xylophonist or animal shelter dog walker, we want to hear all about what our faculty and staff are up to when they’re not working toward greatness here at Pace.

You’ve seen the features here before: Nursing researcher by day, curler by night; Professor of Fine Arts by day, zombie by night. Your stories are inspiring, and we can’t get enough of them, which is why we need you… yes you, History Professor by day, Twilight and Harry Potter Analyzer by night and you, Webmaster by day, Martial Artist by night, to tell us all about your 5 to 9. When you emerge from the Pace building and then sun goes down, what do you do?

Send us your passions and hobbies, and we’ll consider you for an upcoming feature in Opportunitas.