Last month, we launched Opportunitas, The Pulse, and Keeping Pace, our parent and family e-newsletter, in WordPress. Why WordPress? Well, why anything else?

University RelationsYou’re here to find out why we chose a popular blogging software to host our e-newsletters? Well, we’re going to give you just a few of the reasons.

Aside from the fact that WordPress (with much help from our web team) has made our online publications look snazzy, it’s also user-friendly, flexible, and interactive. WordPress was created by and for the community, which means it is certainly the change we wanted to see in the world.

Gone are the days of having to hand-code our publications and worrying about whether or not we were going to get exactly what we were putting out there. (To this point, we also picked up Constant Contact to help with the quirkiness of our old email template, as well as track opens, clicks, and find out how many of you are reading and what you’re actually reading—so click away!)

Thanks to WordPress, we can embed videos, add Flickr and Twitter feeds, and introduce a whole new set of widgets (that’s tech talk for fun interactive elements such as polls, calendars, and more). There are RSS feeds for whole publications as well as individual sections, rolling features, and some pretty good-looking templates to choose from.

WordPress has also given us a great “categories” feature. Now we assign each story to a category, and you can search for stories of specific interest to you. Categories are improving the structure of our site for you and for search engines. There are hundreds of plug-ins and themes, a rapid development cycle, and a reliable community that is always testing and working to ensure your WordPress experience is great.

But of course, our favorite feature of WordPress is that it allows us to connect with you and you to connect with your colleagues. You can now leave comments on individual stories and respond to others’ comments. Ultimately, Opportunitas, The Pulse, and Keeping Pace can become forums for discussion for the entire Pace Community. So we encourage you to log on today, and let us know what you think.