ITS Connect

From a brand new help desk to zip code changes, ITS has been all over the map this summer.

ITS Cuts the Cord

On September 1, ITS began implementing a more secure wireless network called Pace_Secure that will encrypt all wireless traffic. This is a one-time configuration change that will automatically log you into the wireless network, without having to re-enter your MyPace Portal Username and Password multiple times when moving to various locations on campus.

All wireless users will need to make specific configuration changes prior to connecting to Pace’s wireless network. These changes will only need to be made once, as your operating system will be able to remember your settings.  For details and configuration documentation, please visit Configuring My Wireless.

Please note:  All devices should be WPA2 compatible.  Users with WPA hardware will need to upgrade by the Spring semester.

    Movin’ On Over to the 10570

    The ITS Help Desk and Briarcliff Client Support Offices have moved from Briarcliff Manor to Pleasantville.  They can now be found in Willcox Hall, 2nd Floor. 

    New Help Desk Open for Business

    The new Pace University Online Help Desk system is up and running.  You can access it at  Check out a video tutorial on how to use the new system.  You can also submit your questions by sending an e-mail to If there are any questions or issues, please contact the ITS Help Desk at (914) 773-3648 or

    Additional updates for faculty and staff include:

    Blackboard upgrade: Blackboard has been upgraded to version 9.0, a more user-friendly version. New features  include the addition of blogs and journals. For Blackboard 9 Resources, click here. The course shell quota has also been increased from 250MB to 2GB—allowing more space for each course. And ITS is working feverishly to upgrade Blackboard to version 9.1 and support Bb Mobile, a version of Blackboard that works on selected mobile devices. Stay tuned!

    Banner upgrade: Banner and all third-party products have been upgraded to the latest 8.0 releases. This provides an enhanced Internet Native Banner and user-friendly Self-Service Banner environments to the students, faculty, and staff.
    Turnitin: Pace now has a University-wide license for Turnitin, the anti-plagiarism and peer review software. The version Pace will use is integrated with Blackboard. Students using the application can check their writing for improperly used content, inadvertent plagiarism, or quotation errors. CTLT and the school IT directors are working on training material.
    Mobile Classrooms: Pace has implemented two 30 laptop mobile classrooms on the NYC and PLV Campuses, providing laptops to students during a classroom session. When the laptops are not being used, they will be circulated in the library.  Faculty interested in this project should contact the Educational Media Center at: or call Richard Miller at (212) 346-1550.
    Faculty/Staff Exchange e-mail quota increased to 2GB: All faculty and staff Exchange e-mail allotments have been increased to 2GB.  This is an increase from the 100 MB previous quota.
    Classroom/Lecture Halls: All classrooms are now equipped with built-in industry standard instructional technology (computer, projector, screen).  In addition, 10 new High End Classrooms and two Lecture Halls are available with feature-rich, fully-integrated touch screen control systems, blu-ray players, annotation capability and easy laptop/device hook ups.  For a complete list of the spaces being outfitted with technology over the summer, click here. ITS has created an e-mail address ( for students, faculty, and staff to easily report any issues experienced with our classroom technology.  All of your issues will automatically generate an ITS Helpdesk ticket and be swiftly addressed.
    Echo 360 (Lecture Capture): The University is now offering Lecture Capture in all Pace classrooms.  If any professor is interested in having their lectures captured and posted for their students on Blackboard, contact Tony Soares at
    ePortfolio: Electronic Portfolios (ePortfolios) are repositories for student work that can be shared with faculty and other audiences such as prospective employers. They also provide a means for students to reflect on their work and life experiences at the University. Pace successfully piloted an open source ePortfolio called Mahara during the Spring 2010 semester and is now offerring all Pace students ePortfolios for the Fall 2010 semester. Visit for detailed information about the project.
    Podcast Producer: ITS has fully configured a Podcast Producer that is accessible to the Pace community.  With Apple Podcast Producer, the process of creating and publishing podcasts is completely automatic, so now it’s easy to publish your podcast to iTunes, a blog, or other website.  It is equally as easy for users to download your podcast to their computer, iPod, iPhone, or Apple TV.  For more information contact Joe Constantino at
    Macs and Final Cut Pro: ITS and the Library are adding additional Macs to facilities in both NYC and Westchester.  These units will be equipped with Apple’s Final Cut Pro, a sophisticated video editing program, for students, faculty, and staff who would like to utilize the product.
    Videoconferencing: High-definition, state-of-the-art video conferencing rooms were constructed to replace the entire infrastructure of the previous system.  The following locations have been updated: PLV, Miller Room 16; WP, Graduate Center Room 509; and NYC, 1 Pace Plaza Room E319. This project objective was to enhance the student learning experience and encourage communication between campuses.  Rooms come equipped with full digital collaboration capabilities, large screen displays, integrated controls and remote access tools such as Movi which allows students and faculty to participate remotely via their own computer.
    Wireless in the classrooms and dorms: Wireless is no longer an issue for students who bring their laptops or portable devices to class or the dorms.  As of July, all Pace classrooms and dorms have been equipped with robust wireless access.
    Document Services move – The Document Services Copy Center in Willcox Hall was renovated and expanded to accommodate the relocation of our high-volume production center from an off-campus location.  The new copy center offers expanded services and quicker turnaround times for all print work.