New Faces

First-year students and transfers weren’t the only ones moving in this month; There are plenty of new faces in Pace’s faculty ready to kick off an academic semester. Welcome aboard!

New StaffDyson College of Arts and Sciences

  • Stephanie Hsu has been named Assistant Professor of English in New York City.
  • Hillary Knepper has been named Assistant Professor in the Public Administration Department on the White Plains campus.
  • Rita Upmacis joins the Chemistry and Physical Sciences Department in New York City as an Assistant Professor.
  • David Zuzga has been named Assistant Professor in the Biology and Health Sciences Department in New York City.

Lienhard School of Nursing

Lienhard welcomes eight new faculty members this fall, two of whom are the first “Grow Our Own” faculty (see below).

  • Philip A. Greiner, DNSc, RN, has been named Associate Dean for Faculty Development in Scholarship and Teaching.
  • Marie Truglio-Londrigan, PhD, RN, returns as a professor in the department of graduate studies and as program director of the nursing education program.
  • Mirian Zavala, MSN, RN, joins the Lienhard School of Nursing as Clinical Assistant Professor.
  • Jon Barone, DNP(c), RN, has been named Clinical Assistant Professor.
  • Renee McLeod-Sordjan, DNP(c), RN, will be a Clinical Assistant Professor.  She received her BSN and MS from Pace, where she is currently a DNP candidate.
  • Rachele E. Davis, MS, RN, FNP, will be a Clinical Instructor. She received her BSN and MS from Pace.

“Grow Our Own” Alumni/ae Plan

Lubin School of Business

  • Andrew Coggins has been named Clinical Professor in the Management/ Management Science Department.
School of Education
  • Kabba E. Colley, EdD, has been appointed Associate Professor and Chair of the School of Education NYC Department.