Blogging Bonanza

Pace takes it place in the blogosphere with a growing number of blogging faculty, staff, and students. This month’s highlights. New blogs from new deans (Lubin), an old hand comes on board (Dyson), and a student shares what it feels like on her first day of college.

BlogsNira Herrmann, dean of Dyson College, touches on the timely and sensitive topics of tolerance, isolation, and respect for one another. In her blog she draws a comparison between Verdi’s classic opera, Rigoletto, and the unfortunate circumstances surrounding the demise of Rutger’s student, Tyler Clementi. She writes, “It is encouraging to see so many people discussing issues of privacy, tolerance, and respect for each other and seeking ways to reinforce these ideas at a societal level.  But these are not easy areas to affect change—history and the arts are replete with stories that carry a similar theme [. . .] It was chilling to come face to face with a ‘timeless’ story in this way: a story that resonates strongly because, even though it premiered nearly 160 years ago, it bears so many touch points with a current situation.  In this case, I kept seeing echoes of what had played out with Tyler Clementi: the isolation of someone viewed as an ‘other,’ the invasion of a private place with inappropriate behavior for the amusement of the majority culture, and in the end, when Rigoletto’s daughter sets herself up to be murdered by the hired assassins, the destruction of a young life.” To read more about what Dean Herrmann has to say, check out her blog at

Lubin Dean, Neil S. Braun, reports in his blog his hopes for the continued success and growth of Lubin in the new school year. He outlines his belief in interdisciplinary collaboration for the betterment of all. Dean Braun writes, “I have spent much of my first two months meeting faculty, deans of the other schools, administrative staff, alumni and students. My approach is to build partnerships with each constituency and individual by identifying common ground, [. . .] substantive dialogue and working together on a specific project engenders understanding and builds trust; that is the foundation that is necessary for building Lubin’s future together.“ To read more from the Dean, click here:

Loren Alexander, a Dyson freshman on the Pleasantville Campus, writes about overcoming her fears and achieving her potential within the first few weeks of living on campus. Loren says of her Pace experience: “The disappearance of my fears has given me the confidence to both further my passions and broaden my horizons. At first I was too intimidated [. . .] I used to talk myself out of trying out for sports teams or joining certain clubs in high school [. . .] I realized how much I had missed out on when I didn’t bother to try out and I vowed that I would never put limitations like that on myself in college. I now write for the school newspaper, I am the Hall Sections Representative and I am interested in starting a ballroom dance club on campus. It has only been a few weeks but I can wholeheartedly say that I will accomplish a lot of great things at Pace.” To read more from Loren click the link.

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