Liner Notes

The recession must be over, because clearly business abounds for Pace professors who published several books and articles this month.

Lubin Professor of Legal Studies and Taxation, Roy Girasa, writes about the “Crackdown on Corruption” and American business professionals confronted with bribery while conducting business abroad in a recent issue of the Westchester County Business Journal.

Lubin Professor Warren J. Keegan, DBA, teamed up with Naval K. Bhargava of the Mudra Institute of Communications in western India on Pearson Education’s latest edition of the book Global Marketing Management.  This new edition sets itself apart by using local case studies and it is the only edition to be launched in South Asia. Read the description in International Business Times.

Christopher N. Williams, a Dyson chemistry professor, just came out with his new book Ecology and Socialism: Solutions to Capitalist Ecological Crisis.