Advisement Coordinator by Day, Perfumer and Yoga Teacher By Night

By day, Shannon Haick guides students who are exploring majors and looking for some academic direction. By night, she guides people looking for relaxation and a little aromatherapy, as a yoga instructor and perfumer.

Shannon Haick spends her day advising Pace students who are without a major or are looking to change theirs, as associate director of the exploring majors program within the Center for Academic Excellence (CAE). She also teaches UNV101, a first-year seminar that acts as an introduction to University life, as well as an Exploring Majors and Careers course designed for first and second-year students.

But when she’s not working with students to help them find their callings in life, Haick is indulging in one of her own callings—as a yoga instructor at Element Natural Healing Arts and Elite Fitness Studio in Brooklyn. And now, she’s even brought her yoga training to Pace.

“I’ve been doing yoga since 1998 and became a teacher two years ago,” she said. “On a whim I contacted the coordinator of the wellness courses [at Pace], and he was very open to giving me classes. So now I teach two classes for college credit, one beginner and one advanced level.”

Along her meditative and soulful journey, Haick has found another passion: creating her own medicinal scents and perfumes. “They [yoga and perfuming] go hand-in-hand,” she says. “I’ve been mixing my own medicinal scents for about 10 years. Eucalyptus clears out sinuses; orange helps to get you out of a slump; bergamot, if you’re taking things too seriously. So if I’m having my own ailments, whether it be a cold or if I’m feeling down or have anxiety, I’d mix my own potions for me and my husband and friends.”

Her collection of scents includes several unique items, including a perfume called 9, a perfect blend of earth and candy, which Haick describes as “NYC meets the spirit of Soufriere, St. Lucia,” and an aromatherapy home spray that combines patchouli, lemongrass, and cinnamon to give your mind, body, and soul an overall balancing effect. She even sells her own line of bug spray, which was made through trial and error with rosemary, lemongrass and geranium, and tested on friends at a lake house who were happy to stay bite-free and admitted the smell was fantastic. Her chemical-free scents, 9Brooklyn, are available on Etsy and at yoga studios in Manhattan and Brooklyn.

We’re not the only ones talking about this extraordinary Pace staff member. Read a February 2011 Pace Press article where students raved about Haick and the work of Academic Resources.