The I’s Have It

iStrategy, iPad, and the Pace Information Center are just a few of the things that ITS has in store for the Pace Community this month.

    1. iStrategy
    This is a new application that assists departments in retrieving useful and easy-to-read information from our Banner system. For more details, please visit the following site: What is iStrategy? 
    2. Learning to use an iPad
    Initiatives for Faculty and Staff to learn more about their iPads have begun with the partnership of CTLT and Dyson College. These sessions not only serve to help familiarize individuals with their iPads but also various Apps and configuration settings tools that will hopefully enhance the ways we learn and teach.
    3. Blackboard
    Blackboard has recently launched a Blackboard analytics solution for data analytics in education.  This development will offer institutions the ability to make better use of data to assist in making important decisions.
    4. Video Conferencing
    Using state of the art video conferencing technology, Pace was able to connect to members in Darfur through United Nations and Movi Video Conferencing.  Students from Law 602A–Externship Environmental Diplomacy Practice were able to speak with Ambassador Robert Van Lierop, member of the UNAMID Advisory Board on Justice, Accountability, Truth and Reconciliation.
    5. Mobile Beta Webpage
    If you haven’t heard of our recent development of Pace University’s Mobile Beta Webpage, take a second to check it out! You can access this webpage on the web or on your web-enabled mobile device.  Go to and check it out.
    6. Pace Information Center (University 311)
    The Pace Information Center (PIC) has transitioned from routing calls to answering callers’ questions or facilitating requests for service for any area of the University. The Information Center will be a one-stop service center for all members of the Pace Community.

    University 311 – Pace Information Center can be reached by the following methods:

    1. Dial 311 from any on-campus Administrative phone
    2. Off-Campus Numbers:
      1. Pleasantville: (914) 773-3200
      2. New York: (212) 346-1200
      3. White Plains: (914) 422-4000
      4. Briarcliff: (914) 923-2600