Pace Launches New Degree Completion Program: iPace

Busy people who are ready to finish their bachelor’s degree and increase their earning power can now apply to a new program that lets students incorporate study time into their already busy lives.

iPace, which debuted earlier this month, is a new degree completion program conducted online with in-person sessions held at our New York City and White Plains campuses. With iPace, students get the same highly-rated Pace University bachelor’s degree that area employers know and respect.

“iPace is designed for students who are working full-time or have other obligations during the week or during typical working hours,” said Pace President Stephen J. Friedman. “The combination of online and in-person coursework enables full flexibility and collaboration between students and faculty.”

The iPace curriculum links the classroom to the world of work and builds upon students’ life experiences. Course offerings include a BBA in Business Studies from the Lubin School of Business with a choice of concentrations in Business Communications (combining Marketing and Management) or Internal Auditing; and a BS in Professional Technology Studies from Pace’s Seidenberg School with a concentration in Computer Forensics.

Special Adviser for Strategic Initiatives Christine Shakespeare, PhD, says of the program, “The iPace initiative is important  because historically Pace had a large adult audience, but over the years the numbers enrolled have waned. It is important, given the changing nature of higher education in the United States, to have degree offerings that will attract the adult and nontraditional student so that Pace can remain competitive in the Metropolitan Area.”

The new program includes web chats and other real-time online events allowing students to feel like part of a class and the flexibility to review discussions and course material afterwards. The online component for the Seidenberg program is combined with in-person meetings to provide valuable interactions with fellow students and professors and the Lubin program is completely online with optional in-person meetings.

Shakespeare goes on to say “Special considerations in curriculum design and delivery, as well as pedagogy are important. The faculty designers of the iPace programs have worked diligently to bring a curriculum to students that would meet the needs of busy people whose lives do not enable them to attend traditionally-designed degree programs.”

Pace plans to enroll 20-25 students for the fall 2011 semester for each degree program concentration. To qualify, applicants must have a GPA of 2.5 or higher and 60-64 undergraduate credits or an Associate degree from an accredited school.