New Wireless Network for Pace

Effective June 27, all wireless users must switch to the Pace_Secure network. Learn more about the transfer.

All wireless users must now use the Pace_Secure wireless network. The PWN and Pace_Guest wireless networks will no longer be accessible.  Visitors to Pace who do not have a University assigned MyPace Portal account and password can obtain wireless internet access by creating a guest account through their Pace sponsor (Sponsors must be a Pace faculty, staff, or student).  This account will be used to connect to the Pace_Secure wireless network.

What do I need to do if my machine is already configured for Pace_Secure or I have a Pace-owned machine on the Pace domain?

Nothing! You should be able to connect to the wireless network without making any configuration changes to your device.

How can I connect to the Pace_Secure wireless network?

Simply configure your wireless device to connect to the Pace_Connect.  Follow the instructions to load XpressConnect.  XpressConnect automatically configures your wireless device (laptop, iPad, Smartphone) for the Pace_Secure wireless network.

Important Notes:

  • XpressConnect works with Windows (XP, Vista and 7), Mac (Tiger, Leopard, Snow Leopard, and iPhone), Ubunto, and Android devices (except original Androids which are not compatible with the Pace wireless network).
  • Running  XpressConnect is a one-time process. Once completed your device is configured to connect to Pace_Secure.
  • If using an Apple product, once you are connected to Pace_Secure, you should go into your wireless settings and “Forget” all previous Pace networks on your device such as: PWN, Pace_Guest, and Pace_Connect.

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If there are any issues or concerns, please report them to the ITS Help Desk at (914) 773-3648,, or online at