The Launch of PaceLive

Want to get up-to-the-minute news from all of your favorite Pace departments? Then check out our brand new social media hub—PaceLive!

PaceLive is your one stop shop for all things Pace. Developed by University Relations and ITS, the new aggregate compiles and organizes almost all of the social media feeds on one sleek webpage.

The new hub is home to feeds from University departments such as the Office of Admission, Office for Student Success, the libraries, iTunes U, and many more. Also featured on the hub are feeds from University publications, student organizations and clubs, academic departments, and schools. Upcoming events at Pace and updates from the University newsroom can also be found on the website.

“I think one of the most useful features is the ‘Follow Pace’ section.  It has all of the links broken down by category—Facebook, Twitter, YouTube—and then alphabetized,” says Gisela Tirado Tewes, director for Online Communications, “We had a lot of students asking ‘What’s the Facebook address for this? What’s the Twitter name for that?’ We knew that this would be a great way to showcase Pace’s vitality.”

So what does this mean for you? It means no more wasting time searching for an account name, searching your bookmarks, or opening multiple tabs in your web browser. It means that you’ll never again miss a tweet, tumbl, a status update, blog, or vlog post.

But the launch of PaceLive also means that you have to keep your social media contributions up-to-date and fresh. “The top portion is a snapshot of all of the latest captures from the feeds,” says Tewes. “If you don’t ever update, you’ll never be featured. The more you update, the more you appear on PaceLive.”

Want to see more of PaceLive? Click here to explore.