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From awards and grants to gallery openings and geese, Pace faculty are making the news. reported that Pace is among several non-profits to be awarded grants for post 9/11 recovery. Pace was awarded $1 million to expand dance rehearsal space.

Dyson Emeritus Professor Florence L. Denmark, PhD, was presented with the award for Outstanding Lifetime Contributions to Psychology at the American Psychological Association 2011 annual convention. Denmark has also earned the title of Robert Scott Pace distinguished research professor by the University.

A Yonkers resident praises associate vice president for general services Frank McDonald for Pace’s tough stance on alcohol misuse and abuse in a letter in The Journal News. McDonald’s letter to the editor was printed in The Journal News last weekend.

Body Count, a solo show of work by Jillian Mcdonald, associate professor of Fine Arts, will be on view in the Peter Fingesten Gallery October 11 through November 19. Stop in and check out her new video, Field of the Dead and Undead, which also landed on the cover of the new book Better Off Dead. Mcdonald was recently awarded a Canada Council for the Arts Media Arts Production Grant.

The New York Times featured sharp play by a Pace computer science and economics student from Romania who is a Seidenberg Scholar in a column about international competition through the American Contract Bridge League.

Marketing professor Larry Chiagouris, PhD, says in the Wall Street Journal that while it may not take a lot of time or money for a small business to promote via social media, success is tough. The odds of a video going viral are slim but if it did, that could seal the deal with a big retailer.

The Westchester County Business Journal published an article by computer science professor Darren Hayes, DPS, on the Google-Motorola merger, saying it positions these companies to battle their foremost competitor, Apple.

Lubin’s Director of Entrepreneurship Bruce Bachenheimer was profiled in an article about his work in foreign countries in the most recent issue of Crain’s New York Business.

Finance professor Ron Filante, PhD, said in the Westchester County Business Journal that lawsuits will likely put rating agencies under the spotlight for not questioning mortgage-backed securities preceding the subprime mortgage crisis.

Lubin Professor John Alan James is quoted in Investor’s Business Daily.

Todd Olinsky-Paul, manager of communications, education, and outreach at the Pace Energy and Climate Center, told The Journal News that wind farms go where the reliable wind is, often along waterfronts.

The Westchester County Business Journal turned to land use law professor John Nolon for a story about inefficiencies in New York’s State Environmental Quality Review Act (SEQRA).

Richard Shadick, PhD, director of the counseling center for Pace in New York City, was quoted in an article in the Cape Cod Times saying he often sees freshmen struggling when teachers don’t remind them five times about a due date.

Regina Hund, PhD, a clinical psychologist at the Pace University Counseling Center in New York City, was quoted in a WebMD feature about lesbian or gay teens preparing mentally and emotionally to reveal their sexual orientation.

The statistics in an extensive report on campus safety in The Journal News showed Pace is low on crime and high on disciplinary actions for drinking.

Pace’s resident border collies and their trainer Jim Eyring, assistant director of the Environmental Center, are the stars of a front-page story in The Journal News on controlling geese in public spaces. listed submission details for Pace’s Musical Theater Program, currently accepting submissions of new musical theater works.

Seidenberg professor Daniel Farkas, PhD, is one participant in a series of short radio interviews on internet technology on a BBC Wales program, Science Café.

Political science professor Chris Malone, PhD, offers insight in three news articles on New York’s 9th Congressional District and former Rep. Anthony Weiner who resigned from his seat earlier this year after a scandal.

Pace University professor Farrokh Hormozi, PhD, helped confirm Mayor Bloomberg’s statement in

Niso Abuaf, PhD, professor of finance, reflects on the 10 years since 9/11 in the financial world in an article in AOL’s DailyFinance.