InsideTrack Returns This Fall

InsideTrack returns as President Friedman and bestselling author Richard Foster sit down for a compelling discussion on “Creative Destruction.”

Join President Stephen J. Friedman on Tuesday, October 25 for an evening of insightful conversation and questions as he sits down with Richard Foster, bestselling author and management consultant. Foster will share his views on how the changing economy of China will determine which U.S. businesses will survive and prosper, and which ones will wither and die.

Foster is an emeritus director of McKinsey & Company, where he founded the technology and innovation practice, the health care and private equity practice, and led McKinsey’s worldwide knowledge development. He currently advises health care service and technology companies on how to capitalize on disruptive innovation.

He has written two best-selling books: Innovation: The Attacker’s Advantage (1986) and Creative Destruction (2001), as well as many articles in research and popular journals. He was the external leader of the Council on Foreign Relations Study Group on Innovation and Economic Power, which led to the publication of Technological Innovation and Economic Performance, Princeton University Press (2001).

Foster is also a member of the executive committee of the board of directors of the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, the Yale School of Medicine Dean’s Advisory Board, the Harvard Medical School Health Care Policy Advisory Committee, the National Research Council ‘s Policy and Global Affairs Committee, the Council for Aid to Education Board, and the Executive Committee of the W. M. Keck Foundation. He is also co-chair of the National Academies (of Science, Engineering and Medicine) President’s Circle and a senior faculty fellow at the Yale School of Management.

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