HR Report

HR starts a new program to help new directors get acclimated and recognizes outstanding staff and student workers.

Director Onboarding

The Human Resources Department has launched a new onboarding program focused on director-level positions. This program will provide the support of the Human Resources Department to the hiring manager in order to ensure a successful start at Pace University for the new director. Similar to the executive onboarding program launched earlier this year, the director-level onboarding will assist the new member of the Pace Community in becoming familiar with the culture and atmosphere of Pace. Human Resources will facilitate and assist in the process in order to ensure a smooth transition for everyone involved.

For more information, please visit our director onboarding site at

Your Excellence Shows!

The goal of the YES Recognition Program is to provide special acknowledgement to Pace staff and student workers for simple achievements in their everyday roles.  You can even select more than one person for the same nomination!

For more information and to recognize a Pace staff member/student worker or groups click here.