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Pace faculty sound off this month in a variety of different ways, from lecture to interviews, podcasts to blogs, and even a rap video.

Lubin Economics Professor Joseph T. Salerno, PhD, has been hitting the lecture circuit with a guest lecture on “What Is Money?” to 50 Congressional and Senate staffers at Representative Ron Paul’s Afternoon Tea Lecture Series and a lecture on “Who as the Better Monetary Economist? Rothbard and Friedman Compared” at the Mises Circle in New Orleans, LA. He also published “Varieties of Austrian Price Theory: Rothbard Reviews Kirzner” in Libertarian Papers, Vol. 3, 2011, as well as co-authored with Matthew McCaffrey “A Theory of Political Entrepreneurship”, which was published in Modern Economy, Vol. 2, No. 4, September 2011.

Lubin Management Professor Alan B. Eisner, PhD, recently published the latest edition of his book, Loose-Leaf Strategic Management: Text and Cases, 6th Edition.

The Washington Scene  and The Westchester County Business Journal reported on Seidenberg’s launch of an institute to address the shortage of cyber security professionals in the U.S.

School of Education Dean Andrea (Penny) Spencer, PhD, expressed shock and concern to WCBS TV in the wake of controversial comments about teachers and the education system by New York City Mayor Bloomberg.

Michael Szenberg, PhD, Lubin professor of economics, told USA Today that the new leadership in Italy and Greece may be just what Europe needs to get its economy back on track.

Bruce Bachenheimer, Lubin’s clinical professor of management and director of entrepreneurship, presented Small Business Development and Entrepreneurship to a delegation from Algeria, Bahrain, Iraq, Morocco, Oman, Palestinian Territories, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, and Yemen as part of the U.S. Department of State International Visitor Leadership Program on December 1, 2011 at the Office of Foreign Missions. Bachenheimer was also the Guest Speaker at the 30th Annual Alpha Chi Honor Society Induction Ceremony on December 4, 2011.

A nationwide USA Today article spotlit Lubin Professor Larry Chiagouris and his collaboration with the rapper Timid (Jaylon Carter) on the music  video for “I Want the Secret,” which showed Pace students in class and played on the title of Chiagouris’ s book, The Secret to Getting a Job After College.

In a letter to The Economist, Lubin Professor Robert Vambery, PhD, compared the Greek debt crisis to the US securitization of mortgages.

WNYC radio ran a preview of a December 9 event with Lubin Professor Claudia Green, PhD, “The Global Salon: Cities in Brazil,” examining the country’s economic transformation.

The Counseling Center’s Richard Shadick, PhD, offered tips for managing holiday stress in Prevention magazine and online at MSN Health.

The New York Times cited the opinion of Law Professor Jill Gross, director of the Pace Investor Rights Clinic, that a judge’s decision to throw out a settlement between the SEC and Citigroup would force companies to admit guilt, rather than neither admitting nor denying  the commission’s charges.

In an Associated Press article, Law Professor Linda Fentiman said the conviction of Michael Jackson’s doctor might give doctors some “leverage” in pushing back against “patients who insist on getting their way.”

The new Miami Art Museum is being renamed as a result of a major donation. In an interview with the Associated Press, Executive Director of the Wilson Center Rebecca Tekula, PhD, spoke on whether a name can make or break a new museum.

Backstage reported that Dyson Professor Rhonda Miller’s proposal of the commercial dance program at Pace clicked with administrators because it dovetailed with the University’s mission of providing education that helps students make a living.

In his latest column on Huffington Post, Law Professor Bennett Gershman asked how much, if any, protection the First Amendment gives to derogatory comments by police.

Dyson Psychology Professor K. Mark Sossin, PhD, was a primary guest on the ninth segment of Slate’s Negotiation Academy podcast, focused on negotiation tactics parents can use with their children.

TechNewsWorld looked to Seidenberg Professor and CIS Program Chair Darren Hayes, DPS, for his thoughts on the FBI investigation of Carrier IQ; that has drawn accusations of violating the Wiretap Act.

On his New York Times “Dot Earth” blog, Pace Academy Senior Fellow Andrew Revkin praised a posting from Law Professor Elizabeth Burleson on Pace’s GreenLaw blog that focused on the recent Durban climate talks.