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Stanford Workshops, options for those that have been laid off, Facebook vs. LinkedIn, and computerized tests for brain injuries—Pace faculty and staff are making the news!

Lubin Professor Theresa K. Lant, PhD, will be presenting at Stanford University Medical Center’s Team Science Workshop Series on March 14.

The Downtown Express reported Toby R. Winer’s appointment as Pace’s first female executive vice president and chief financial officer.

Lubin’s Center for Global Governance, Reporting, and Regulation has already attracted attention and write-ups from leading financial publications such as Bloomberg Businessweek.

The School of Education’s partnership with Central Florida University, allowing student teachers to practice on avatars, was featured in articles in the Pleasantville-Briarcliff Patch and The Downtown Express.

Seidenberg Professor Darren Hayes, DPS, told TechNewsWorld  that if Twitter wants to continue to prosper, then support from local government and corporations is more valuable than freedom of speech.

Pace Law Professor Bennett Gershman’s latest entry on The Huffington Post discusses forced sterilizations mandated by Supreme Court Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes in 1927.

Dyson Professor, Anthony Mancini, PhD, published an Op-ed in The New York Times on post-war resilience. quoted Lubin Professor John James on the Federal Reserve.

Lubin Professor and Director of Entrepreneurship at Pace Bruce Bachenheimer, spoke with The New York Daily News about options for those who have been laid off.

Rebecca Tekula, PhD, and Anna-Kay Sinclair of The Wilson Center for Social Entrepreneurship at Pace were interviewed in Westchester business lifestyle magazine 914INC about corporate philanthropy in Westchester.

Lubin Professor Ronald Filante, PhD, told the Westchester County Business Journal that the financial sector’s struggles have had a sharp effect on the region’s economy.

The Daily Somers and The Daily Mamaroneck called upon Melissa Grigione for her expertise in wildlife when large cats were rumored to be roaming Pleasantville.

WPIX was at Pace to capture the Chinese New Year celebration.

Internet Evolution quoted Lubin Professor Darren Hayes, DPS, about Twitter’s new censorship policy.

Rye Brook Westmore News and The Journal News reported on the FIRST Tech Challenge championship tournament at Pace, which was sponsored by the Seidenberg School.

Barry Miller, manager of alumni career programs and services, told the Chicago Tribune about using LinkedIn vs. Facebook professionally

Theatermania posted the announcement with a photo of Dyson Professor Cosmin Chivu on their website.

Dyson Professor Chris Malone, PhD, was interviewed by WCBS TV on the politics behind the Komen Foundation’s reversal of the decision to stop funding Planned Parenthood.

NPR covered a study by athletics physician and College of Health Professions Professor Lester Mayers, MD, that finds that computerized tests are unreliable for diagnosing brain injuries.