Fit to Print

Pace faculty and staff sound off on everything from the fiscal cliff, to sleep patterns, to the Star Wars saga.

College of Health Professions Professor Joanne Singleton, PhD, RN, has been elected as the Co-Chair of the Nursing Academy of the National Academies of Practice.

Dyson Professor Seong-Jae Min’s documentary Pretty Boys: Asian Masculinity in Media was featured at the Anthology Film Archives in the East Village on January 8.

President Stephen Friedman along with Presidents of three other New York colleges participated in “The Future of Higher Education: A Panel Discussion” on December 3 covered by the The New York Times “Opinionator” Blog.

Legal Studies and Taxation Professor Philip Cohen, LLM, was featured in an article in The Journal News giving his expertise in mortgage financing and the fiscal cliff.

Seidenberg Professor Darren Hayes, DPS, wrote for The Hill’s “Congress” Blog on the influence of new privacy bills reaching Congress.

Dyson Professor Nancy Reagin, PhD, was interviewed by BBC’s Jamillah about her book which discusses the historical influences on the Star Wars franchise.

Lubin Professor and member of the MIT Enterprise Forum Bruce Bachenheimer was featured in an article with as he attended the forum along with his MBA class to expose them to authentic business pitches.

Dean of Graduate Studies Daniel Baugher, PhD, discussed impatience and its effects on sleep patterns and anxiety in an article on

Lubin Professor John Alan James, executive director of the Center for Global Governance, wrote for The Westchester County Business Journal on Dodd-Frank rules.

Lubin Professor Larry Chiagouris, PhD, was featured in an article in The Washington Times commenting on Living Social’s plummeting stocks, announced layoffs and competition with Groupon.

John Alan James wrote for The Hill’s “Congress” Blog on union leadership and organization.

Seidenberg Professor Darren Hayes, DPS, explained to NetworkWorld how damage to the power grid would be more harmful than Hurricane Sandy.

President Stephen Friedman’s discussion with William C. Dudley, president and CEO of New York’s Federal Reserve Bank, on the 2013 economic outlook was covered by The Huffington Post, Wall Street Journal, Newsday, The Los Angeles Times, Business Insider, and Bloomberg News.

Lubin Professor Philip Cohen, LLM, was featured in on article on The Street on Republicans willingness to compromise with President Obama on tax increases.

Professor Philip Cohen, LLM, wrote for The Hill on the negotiations surrounding the fiscal cliff.

Dyson Professor Joseph Ryan, PhD, was quoted in an article in Newsday on decreasing crime in Hudson Valley and increasing crime in Yonkers and Rockland County.

Seidenberg Professor Darren Hayes, DPS, wrote for The Hill’s “Congress” Blog urging the government to adopt contingency plans for elections post Hurricane Sandy.