Extreme Makeover: Pace Edition

This summer, the Pace University website underwent a massive overhaul, with brand new content, a sleek new look, and an improved user experience. Stay tuned for the big reveal this month.

When high school students and parents who are trolling the web for information on colleges and universities land on www.pace.edu this fall, they will see the University in a whole new light.

This September, Pace will roll out a redesigned website with brand new content, improved user experience, and much more on the way.

“Our prospective students and parents will quickly gain access to the information they seek—on academics, life on both campuses, and admissions and aid. And they will find out how well our students are prepared for careers following graduation,” said Susan Kayne, AVP/Marketing Communications. “The newly redesigned website brings the Pace experience to life with dynamic content, design, and navigation that is very intuitive.”

The site will be launched in phases. Development of a mobile site, new school sites, and Career Services will follow in the fall.

University Relations and ITS teamed up with Digital Pulp, an award winning digital marketing firm, to develop the site.