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This summer sizzled as Pace faculty and experts sounded off in the news on topics ranging from gas price spikes, papal free market economics, breaking bad news to kids, and more.

Lubin Professor Robert Vambery, PhD, was recently awarded the Global Business and Technology Association’s Global Excellence award at their 15th annual international conference. This October, Vambery will address the 2013 China Leaders Forum and discuss “Will the Chinese Dream Become the Long Term Investors’ Dream or Nightmare?”

Morningstar recently gave the MIZAN Fund a 5 Star rating in July—its highest rating—based on the three-year performance of the Fund. The adviser to the Fund is Lightstone Capital Advisers, whose president is Lubin Professor John Lightstone, PhD. Students in his classes get to construct their own portfolios using the same quantitative methods that he uses in managing the MIZAN Fund.

Lubin Associate Professor Ibraiz Tarique, PhD, recently co-authored two papers for the Journal of World Business. His paper on global talent management was ranked as the #1 most-downloaded and the #2 most-cited in 2012. Additionally, his paper on global leadership development was recently awarded the 2012 Global Leadership Advancement Center Best Article Award.

Dyson Professor Farrokh Hormozi, PhD, discusses the effect gas price spikes have on the rest of the economy in an article for CBSNewYork.

Robert J. Chersi, former CFO and Member of the Executive Committee of Fidelity Investments, joins the Center for Global Governance, Reporting, and Regulation at Pace University as Adviser to the Executive Director.

John Alan James, Lubin professor and executive director of the Center for Global Governance, Reporting, and Regulation, was quoted about the “London Whale” controversy in a recent article in The Washington Post.

Seidenberg Professor Darren Hayes, DPS, was quoted about the smartphone competition between Android and Apple in a recent interview for The Street.

Lubin Professor Joseph Pastore, PhD, tackles Pope Francis and free market economics in a recent story on

Dyson Professor of Music Lee Evans, EdD, has published Crash Course in Chords, a 56-page theory and performance workbook packed with everything intermediate-level students need to know about chords.

Seidenberg Professor Charles Tappert, PhD, discusses keystroke “dwell time” and what it means for your passwords in the latest issue of Smithsonian magazine.

Lubin Marketing Professor Larry Chiagouris comments in an article on The Street about the distinct advantage advertising grads have over marketing grads right out of college. Chiagouris was also quoted in the E-Commerce Times regarding Samsung’s launch of the new Galaxy Tab 3.

Seidenberg Professor and Chair of Computer Information Systems Darren Hayes, DPS, evaluates the need for improvements in card security in his op-ed for the American Banker’s “Think Bank” blog.

Assistant Director of the LGBTQA and Social Justice Center Kelly Herbert was quoted in an AM New York article about the recent Supreme Court DOMA ruling.

School of Education Associate Professor Christine Clayton, EdD, comments in the Journal News on the addition of a research paper requirement to the New York Regents exam.

Seidenberg Professor Richard Kline, PhD, discusses Google’s Gmail app redesign in an article on Computerworld.

Dyson Professor and clinical psychologist Jennifer Powell-Lunder, PsyD, evaluates how the omnipresence of media affects how parents break bad news to children on NPR’s Talk of the Nation.

In an interview with Downtown Alliance, Pace President Stephen J. Friedman talked about the recent enrollment increases and the opening of several new facilities on the NYC Campus.

Lubin Assistant Professor Philip G. Cohen examines the recent IRS and tax scandals in an op-ed he recently contributed to The Hill’s “Congress Blog.”