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Which charities make the cut, trendy imperfections, and police corruption. Find out what Pace faculty and staff are saying about these and other topics.

Dyson Associate Professor of Fine Arts William Pappenheimer’s proposal entitled “Invisible ARtaffects” has been chosen as the winner of this year’s ARtSense Commission at the Foundation for Creative Technology’s $32,000 grant.

Lubin Associate Professor of Management Claudia G. Green, PhD, has been invited to present her research titled “Teaching Sustainability in Higher Education” in Havana, Cuba at the 8th International Congress of Higher Education University. Additionally, she will be moderating a session titled “Tools and Techniques for Representing Tourism Places” at the upcoming Annual Meeting of the American Association of Geographers  and presenting her research on “Green Mapping Sustainable Tourism in the Brazilian Atlantic Rainforest” February 24-28, 2012, at the New York Hilton.

College of Health Professions Professor Sharon Wexler, PhD, was quoted in The Westchester Business Journal  about the cost and availability of eldercare facilities.

Lubin Professor Susanna Cahn’s, PhD, “Teaching Business Ethics with Cases: The Effect of Personal Experience” was published in the 2011 issue of the Journal of Business Ethics Education.

Seidenberg Professor Darren Hayes, DPS, told the Chronicle of Higher Education that the field of computer forensics is rapidly evolving with roughly one new cell phone every three days, and media tablet sales expected to more than triple in 2011.

The 10th Annual Latino Trendsetter Awards honored Jorge Luis Cachiero, Dyson chair of performing arts, in a November 29 ceremony hosted by Jorge Ramos of Telemundo in New York City and produced by LatinTRENDS Magazine.

Bruce Bachenheimer, Lubin’s clinical professor of management and director of entrepreneurship, provides tips to parents who are considering helping an adult child start a business in Kiplinger’s Retirement Report.

On, Rebecca Tekula, PhD, executive director of the Helene and Grant Wilson Center for Social Entrepreneurship at Pace, advocates using online resources to determine which charities really deserve your money.

The Westchester County Business Journal reports that the Pace SkillProof IT Index quarterly analysis of the job market for information technology professionals in Westchester showed little growth during the third quarter, but the report’s authors, including Dyson Professor Farrokh Hormozi, PhD, still see strong prospects for IT management.

Seidenberg Professor Darren Hayes, DPS, was quoted in Wall Street & Technology about how Google and its Android operating system, already number one in the smartphone industry, are making serious inroads in the tablet market.

The Chair of Dyson’s Psychology Department in New York City, Wade Pickren, PhD, recalled the impact that the famed psychologist James Hillman had on therapy and the “men’s movement” in Hillman’s obituary in The New York Times.

Trendy women in Japan intentionally give themselves a “fanged” or “snaggletooth” look. Dyson Communications Professor Emilie Zaslow, PhD, told The New York Times that this is due to a fixation on youth and the “imperfections” that come with it.

Law Professor Leslie Garfield agreed with Judge Belvin Perry’s decision to delay releasing juror’s names after the Casey Anthony trial. She was quoted in an Associated Press article that ran in papers nation-wide including The Washington Post.

The Journal News reported that Senior Fellow Andrew Revkin is the first two-time winner of the Communication Award bestowed by the National Academy of Sciences, National Academy of Engineering and Institute of Medicine.

Law Professor Bennett Gershman told The Times Herald-Record that the DA’s office shouldn’t allow an off-book account in Ulster County over which the city comptroller has no control.

Law Professor Randolph McLaughlin said in The Empire on the WNYC web site that when redistricting voters, the state needs to be aware of the potentially inadvertent creation of minority districts.

The high level of U.S. debt and its budget deficit within the framework of a globalized and interdependent world economy was the topic of discussion between Lubin Professor Michael Szenberg, PhD, and On the Money host Steve Pomeranz. The interview was aired on nine different radio stations.

Despite the wide gap between the average starting salary for MBA graduates and the average starting salary for students with an undergraduate degree, companies are not shying away from MBA students, said Westchester Director of Career Services Angelina Bassano in the Westchester County Business Journal.

The Westchester County Business Journal turned to Franz Litz, executive director of the Energy and Climate Center at Pace, for his expertise on not one but two stories this week about local energy issues.

Law Professor Louis Fasulo was quoted in The Times Herald-Record about a disagreement between Ulster County District Attorney candidates over prosecuting gang-related violent crimes.

Law Professor Ed Pekarek spoke to CNN on proposed regulations that could have lessened the severity of MF Global’s collapse.

In his latest blog entry on the Huffington Post, Law Professor Bennett Gershman writes about what he calls “one of the most important privacy cases in decades,” United States v. Jones.

The Journal News and posted news of Pace’s School of Education and the Croton-Harmon School District pairing up to offer a science program for students in grades 4-8. The first in the series will be given by Dyson Professor Angelo Spillo.

Dyson professors Jennifer Powell-Lunder, PsyD, and Ross Robak were interviewed for a News 12 segment after they spoke at a Pleasantville “Teen Speak” event on communicating with teens.

In a column in the Huffington Post, Law Professor Bennett Gershman gave his response to the ticket-fixing that sixteen New York City police officers were charged with last week, asking “Does anybody doubt that ticket-fixing by police is corruption?”

Women’s Justice Center Executive Director Jane Aoyama-Martin gave her opinion in a Journal News  article exploring the benefits and dangers of divorcing couples co-habiting.

Ira Davidson, director of the Small Business Development Center at Pace, said entrepreneurs should approach landlords about renewal terms at least one year before the current lease’s expiration date in an article in Crain’s New York Business.

Bloomberg TV interviewed Lubin Professor of Marketing Larry Chiagouris about the Deeplocal advertising agency.

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Pace faculty sound off on topics like hydrofracking, rebuilding the Tappan Zee Bridge, narcissism in politics, and everything in between.

The Westchester County Business Journal turned to professor emeritus Joseph M. Pastore Jr. for insight on the formation of a new regulatory department in New York State. He said the move represents the state’s response to the public’s concerns over the largely unregulated derivatives market, which includes credit default swaps.

Sarah Blackwood, PhD, assistant professor for Dyson College, will be speaking at the New York Public Library on December 9 as part of the Prints and Photographs Division exhibition called “A Century of Art.”

James Lawler, DPS, of the Seidenberg School, Mr. Allan Goldstein of Polytechnic Institute of New York Univerity and Ms. Christina Muccioli of Education Services of AHRC New York City conducted a major workshop on Empowering High School Students and Young Adults with Disabilities for 21st Century College and Societal Inclusion at the NYSARC, Inc. 62nd Annual Convention, in Albany, New York, on October 20 – 22, 2011.

Carl Malinowski, PhD, associate professor of Marketing, presented a paper in Orlando on October 28 at the annual conference of the American Society for Competitiveness. It was published in the annual publication Competition Forum (Vol. 9, #1)189-195. The title of the paper is “Differences in Marketing Ethics Attitudes between U.S. and Western European Undergraduates.”

John Nolon of the Pace Land Use Law Center was interviewed for a story about New York municipalities trying to use “local controls” to ban hydrofracking.

Catherine R. Lau, a professor of finance, presented her paper “And Then There Were None: A History of the AAA Financial Guaranty Insurance Industry” at the NBEA annual meeting in Philadelphia.

Broadway World picked up the story of Jorge Luis Cacheiro—a visionary director and performing arts leader—and his appointment as the new Chair of Dyson’s Performing Arts Department.

Pleasantville reported on how Pace’s $100 million dollar campus expansion will affect the environment.

Pace’s environmental round-table discussion “Hard Choices in Hard Times,” the first in the series “OnCampus at Pace University,” was the inspiration for an Earth Watch column by Greg Clary, the environment writer for The Journal News.

Criminal justice chair Joseph Ryan, PhD, is quoted in an article in The Journal News on murder-suicide in the wake of a family tragedy in Westchester, revealing that in nearly all such cases there is no prior history of domestic violence.

Economics professor and chair of public administration, Farrokh Hormozi, PhD, gave insight to The Journal News into potential benefits of funding the new Tappan Zee Bridge using toll revenues, federal loans and dollars, and investments from labor union pension funds and other non-government sources.

The Pace Women’s Justice Center was mentioned in the New York Times for their 20th anniversary charity auction work and in a front-page feature in The Journal News commemorating 20 years of work helping women in domestic violence cases.

Pace Trustee Rossana Rosado has been nominated to the Board of Port Authority of New York and New Jersey Gotham Gazette reports.

Crain’s New York Business looked to Pace marketing professor Larry Chiagouris for his take on the role of technology in the relationship between advertising agencies and their clients.

Adjunct professor Anny Eusebio was one of three nursing professionals highlighted in Nursing Spectrum about overcoming obstacles to earn a Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP).

The Enterprise newspaper in Brockton, MA, ran a story on the one-year anniversary of DJ Henry’s death. Athletics director Mark Brown is quoted throughout the article.

In September, Pace kicked off a new degree program: a Bachelor of Arts in theater arts with a specialized track in commercial dance. The program is featured in an article in Back Stage.

Bloomberg Businessweek ran a brief on Neil Braun who joined a growing list of former executives tapped to run business schools when he became dean of Lubin.

The Chatham Courier reached out to Lubin’s Bruce Bachenheimer for views on a woman-run startup.

Lubin Professor John Alan James said in a Westchester County Business Journal op-ed that problems in the top management levels of corporations are costing shareholders dearly.

Joseph M. Pastore Jr., a professor emeritus of management, told Business Insurance that the merger between the State Banking and Insurance Departments makes sense, greatly enhancing the state’s task of providing regulatory oversight for these sectors.

Business Insurance also turned to visiting Pace Law School Professor Edward Pekarek, assistant director and supervising attorney at the Investor Rights Clinic, for insight on and lessons from the rogue UBS trader accused of losing the company $2 billion.

In an article about characteristics of politicians in The Journal News, Pace psychology professor Paul Griffin discussed the pros and cons of narcissism in politics.

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From awards and grants to gallery openings and geese, Pace faculty are making the news. reported that Pace is among several non-profits to be awarded grants for post 9/11 recovery. Pace was awarded $1 million to expand dance rehearsal space.

Dyson Emeritus Professor Florence L. Denmark, PhD, was presented with the award for Outstanding Lifetime Contributions to Psychology at the American Psychological Association 2011 annual convention. Denmark has also earned the title of Robert Scott Pace distinguished research professor by the University.

A Yonkers resident praises associate vice president for general services Frank McDonald for Pace’s tough stance on alcohol misuse and abuse in a letter in The Journal News. McDonald’s letter to the editor was printed in The Journal News last weekend.

Body Count, a solo show of work by Jillian Mcdonald, associate professor of Fine Arts, will be on view in the Peter Fingesten Gallery October 11 through November 19. Stop in and check out her new video, Field of the Dead and Undead, which also landed on the cover of the new book Better Off Dead. Mcdonald was recently awarded a Canada Council for the Arts Media Arts Production Grant.

The New York Times featured sharp play by a Pace computer science and economics student from Romania who is a Seidenberg Scholar in a column about international competition through the American Contract Bridge League.

Marketing professor Larry Chiagouris, PhD, says in the Wall Street Journal that while it may not take a lot of time or money for a small business to promote via social media, success is tough. The odds of a video going viral are slim but if it did, that could seal the deal with a big retailer.

The Westchester County Business Journal published an article by computer science professor Darren Hayes, DPS, on the Google-Motorola merger, saying it positions these companies to battle their foremost competitor, Apple.

Lubin’s Director of Entrepreneurship Bruce Bachenheimer was profiled in an article about his work in foreign countries in the most recent issue of Crain’s New York Business.

Finance professor Ron Filante, PhD, said in the Westchester County Business Journal that lawsuits will likely put rating agencies under the spotlight for not questioning mortgage-backed securities preceding the subprime mortgage crisis.

Lubin Professor John Alan James is quoted in Investor’s Business Daily.

Todd Olinsky-Paul, manager of communications, education, and outreach at the Pace Energy and Climate Center, told The Journal News that wind farms go where the reliable wind is, often along waterfronts.

The Westchester County Business Journal turned to land use law professor John Nolon for a story about inefficiencies in New York’s State Environmental Quality Review Act (SEQRA).

Richard Shadick, PhD, director of the counseling center for Pace in New York City, was quoted in an article in the Cape Cod Times saying he often sees freshmen struggling when teachers don’t remind them five times about a due date.

Regina Hund, PhD, a clinical psychologist at the Pace University Counseling Center in New York City, was quoted in a WebMD feature about lesbian or gay teens preparing mentally and emotionally to reveal their sexual orientation.

The statistics in an extensive report on campus safety in The Journal News showed Pace is low on crime and high on disciplinary actions for drinking.

Pace’s resident border collies and their trainer Jim Eyring, assistant director of the Environmental Center, are the stars of a front-page story in The Journal News on controlling geese in public spaces. listed submission details for Pace’s Musical Theater Program, currently accepting submissions of new musical theater works.

Seidenberg professor Daniel Farkas, PhD, is one participant in a series of short radio interviews on internet technology on a BBC Wales program, Science Café.

Political science professor Chris Malone, PhD, offers insight in three news articles on New York’s 9th Congressional District and former Rep. Anthony Weiner who resigned from his seat earlier this year after a scandal.

Pace University professor Farrokh Hormozi, PhD, helped confirm Mayor Bloomberg’s statement in

Niso Abuaf, PhD, professor of finance, reflects on the 10 years since 9/11 in the financial world in an article in AOL’s DailyFinance.

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Pace faculty sound off in the press on everything from workers’ riots to how hard-to-pronounce names may hold back job seekers.

  • Dyson Emeritus Professor Florence L. Denmark, PhD, was presented with the award for Outstanding Lifetime Contributions to Psychology at the American Psychological Association 2011 annual convention. Watch the video.
  • Pace made the front page of  The New York Times, where Chris Malone, PhD,  associate professor of political science and recently appointed chair of the Dyson Political Science Department on the New York City Campus, was quoted saying the forthcoming race to replace Congressman Anthony Wiener “will be a one-upsmanship on who is more pro-Israel.”
  • Anthony Desiato, a current Pace law student and comic shop employee, was featured in The New York Times after making a documentary as his “creative outlet… to stay sane'” and landing a coveted chance to show it at Comic-Con.
  • A research article written by professors Kam Chan, PhD, Barbara Farrell, EdD, and Picheng Lee, PhD, was cited in the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) study on auditor attestation requirement of Section 404 of Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002.  The article, “Earnings Management of Firms Reporting Material Internal Control Weaknesses Under Section 404 of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act”, was published in a top accounting research journal in 2008 and has been highly cited in the literature.
  • The Journal News reported that Franz Litz is set to take position as chief of Pace’s Climate Center this Monday.
  • Business professor John Alan James is quoted in AOL Jobs  and The Journal News this week in articles about recourses for companies trying to avoid tax hikes and how Moody’s AAA bond rating of Westchester is in jeopardy.
  • Pace law professor Bennett L. Gershman is quoted in more than 100 national and international news articles regarding the maid in the Strauss-Kahn case. He warns that she could be painted as a publicity seeker because “the interviews also could make the prospect of pursuing the case less attractive.”
  • Richard B. Schlesinger, PhD, associate dean for academic affairs in the Dyson College of Arts and Sciences, served as a subject matter expert peer reviewer for the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health on the document, “Derivation of Immediately Dangerous to Life and Health Values.”
  • Dyson history professor Joseph Tse-Hei Lee, PhD, attended a China study conference in Macau and gave a TV interview on Teledifusão de Macau: English TV News about the Sichuan migrant workers’ riots in Chaozhou and Guangzhou.
  • Pace Head Football Coach Chris Dapolito was featured in the New Jersey Star Ledger after assisting in a free football clinic for local youth in the Newark area organized by Indianapolis Colts wide receiver Taj Smith.
  • Pace Academy’s Senior Fellow and New York Times Dot Earth blogger Andrew Revkin critiques Obama’s strategies on the environment in The Guardian but believes that his greatest achievement has been the ability “to seek compromise… on tough issues like moving forward with tough new fuel economy standards for vehicles.”
  • The Montefiore Medical Center Research Committee hosted a nursing research conference in May and nursing professor Lillie Shortridge-Baggett, RN, EdD, was a keynote speaker. She emphasized the importance of evidence-based practice. The event was recapped by, the website of Nursing Spectrum.
  • USA Today and media outlets nationwide including the Tucson Citizen quote Dyson psychology professor K. Mark Sossin, PhD, who was on a panel on 9/11 psychological trauma at the American Psychological Association’s conference.
  • The Journal News ran a hometown news release about two local members of Pace’s winning Model UN team.
  • quotes Lubin marketing professor Larry Chiagouris, PhD, who advises that job applicants with hard to pronounce names consider choosing a nickname to avoid being weeded out.
  • As the school year draws near, many teens begin to experience higher stress levels. Pace’s Richard Shadick, PhD, offers tips in Carolina Parent on helping teens get a handle on stress before it wreaks havoc on their psyche.
  • Public radio station WAMC’s Hudson Valley Bureau Chief Greg Fry interviewed Pace law professor Ralph Stein on the latest developments as Entergy seeks re-licensing at the site.
  • Lubin professor Paul Kurnit explains why TV listings still matter in an article in Advertising Age.
  • A new song released this week by Kanye West and Jay-Z was dedicated to the memory of Danroy Henry and produced a blizzard of nationwide coverage. Pace’s athletic director, Mark Brown, was interviewed by NBC New York. The clip ran on NBC cable affiliates across the country.
  • You need more than a good idea to run a successful business, says Lubin professor Bruce Bachenheimer. “The best are risk takers confident in themselves and their ideas,” Bachenheimer, told Consumer Reports Money Advisor, a newsletter distributed to about 300,000 paid subscribers.
  • Seidenberg professor Darren Hayes, DPS, was interviewed by Technology News on the use of Blackberry phones to communicate messages of violence during the London riots.

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From raising the debt ceiling, to high-profile court cases to Star Wars and everything in between, here’s what Pace faculty and staff have been talking about in the news.

Robert Lazer, PhD, director of Organizational Learning and Development, was a presenter at CUPA-HR’s 2011 Eastern Regional Conference, sharing how Pace developed and implemented its web-based performance management process. He also published an invited article on Pace’s process change initiatives in the recent edition of The Higher Education Workplace.

News Photographer, the magazine of the National Press Photographers Association, carries an article, which is featured on the NPPA website, announcing the upcoming collaboration between Pace and the NPPA on “Witness to Tragedy and Recovery,” a symposium and photography exhibit this fall to mark the anniversary of 9/11.

An article, “Risk Response Allocation Model” written jointly by Max Hoefer, PhD, appeared in the December 2010 issue of Information Knowledge Systems Management.

Michael Szenberg, PhD, economist and distinguished professor of finance and economics at Lubin, discusses the potential positive impact on financial and commodity markets if the United States cannot raise its debt ceiling in a Kitco News article.

Pace law professor Randolph McLaughlin, regular contributor to The Journal News, wrote an opinion piece on two cases causing media frenzy. He says the public may not like the Casey Anthony verdict, but the legal system was working at its best. With Dominique Strauss-Kahn he suspects special treatment in a case he feels should go to trial.

Articles about the Strauss-Kahn case and its faltering credibility quoted Pace Law’s Audrey Rogers (Financial Times) and Bennet Gershman (Reuters and AP, picked up by hundreds of media internationally).

In the San Diego Red, the bilingual partner of the San Diego Union-Tribune, Richard Shadick,PhD, director of the NYC Counseling Center, drew on his work with differing ethnic patterns of suicide. According to the article, Latinos suffer from mental illness at the same rate as the rest of the population but are less likely to seek help.

Lubin marketing professor David Gertner, PhD, recently published two articles in Place Branding and Public Diplomacy and the Journal of Brand Management.

Dyson history professor and Chair of Women’s and Gender Studies Nancy Reagin, PhD, was interviewed about vampires, history, and pop culture for Love Lust running this month on the Sundance Channel. A New York Times blog post featured Star Wars and History, a book she is co-editing for Lucasfilms about plot turns that echo real events.

Money: Sound and Unsound by economics professor Joseph Salerno, PhD, collects essays on monetary topics from the past 25 years and relates them to financial developments and Austrian economics. An interview with him appeared in articles on,, and The Daily Bell.

John Alan James, professor of management and corporate governance at Lubin, urged US consideration of European business ways an article for Corporate Compliance Insights.

Larry Chiagouris, PhD, a Lubin professor of marketing, touted careers in growth marketing jobs like SEO Analyst and Social Media Coordinator in an article on

A Reuters article, and professional publications quoting a corporate news release, reported that a possible cure for sleeping sickness is nearly ready for human trials. The progress reflects not only a creative financing innovation, but years of research by Pace’s Haskins Laboratories, a group well known among experts on rare diseases.

A Best Southwest News article reports on recent research that shows how buying local campaigns provide only limited and short-lived results for small businesses. So, as budget-conscious consumers turn to mass retailers, Internet and malls for bargains, what can small business owners do? Paul Kurnit, a clinical marketing professor at Pace and a business consultant, is quoted in the article.

Jim Stenerson, PhD, Sarah Burns-Feyl, and Beth Gordon Klingner, PhD, were asked to do one of the Faculty Resource Network’s Summer Seminars—New Technologies for Teaching and Learning. The event drew 47 participants from more than 30 institutions nationwide.

Daniel Baugher, associate dean and director of graduate programs at Pace University’s Lubin School of Business in New York City and White Plains, was quoted in the Westchester County Business Journal pointing out an “upswing in program enrollment” due to new encouragement for adult education such as online courses and employer incentives.

Pace University’s Environmental Center is featured in a front page article with photos in The Journal News in print and online. features Rhonda Miller, one of the most sought-after choreographers and dance lecturers from coast to coast, in an article regarding Pace’s new Commercial Dance program.

There have always been plenty of characters loitering in Times Square. But these days some of them are complete phonies. Larry Chiagouris, PhD, professor of marketing at Pace, suggests to the New York Post that a sustained presence of the impostors can leave a bad impression of the firms that own the rights. “People begin to subconsciously associate the stained and ripped characters with the companies.”

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Vincent Beatty on campus safety, Neil Braun shares his experience with U.S. News & World Report, LA Times highlights Pace’s green graduation, and more…

Neil Braun, dean of Pace University’s Lubin School of Business told U.S. News & World Report that he yearned to impart the knowledge he’d gleaned in business to a younger generation.

Richard Shadick, PhD, director of the Pace University Counseling Center in New York City, was quoted in an article in this week’s American Medical News about mental health issues after disasters.

Too often, hostile environments at school and at home make gay and lesbian adolescents depressed. Richard Shadick, PhD, suggests how teens in the LGBT adolescent scene can find the emotional support they need in an article on

Pace Law School professor Jill Gross was interviewed by Reuters about the legalities of a case against Halliburton. An article quoting her on the topic appears in The Guardian.

The Chronicle of Higher Education reports on computer scientists at Pace University have developed a new way to detect cheating by online test-takers. The approach, developed by professor Charles C. Tappert, PhD, and several graduate students, tracks the typing and style choices of users to authenticate their identity.

Pace University’s director of security for Pleasantville, Vincent Beatty, was interviewed by The Journal News about safety on campus. He said the school normally drops to 50 to 100 students on campus in the summer, but, “We do not change anything.”

Los Angeles Times included Pace University in an article as one of a string of schools in the nation that went green for graduation. Pace printed its programs on recycled paper with soy ink, and gave students the option to rent graduation robes to reduce waste.

Accounting Today posted a blog entry regarding The New York State Society of CPAs’ Foundation for Accounting Education’s plans to team up with Pace last month to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Career Opportunities in the Accounting Profession program. reports that an original comedy directed by theater professor Grant Kretchik will be taken to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in Scotland this summer. The producer will be Rebecca Cunningham, one of Kretchik’s former students at Pace’s theater program.

Criminal Law professor Leslie Garfield is quoted in the Associated Press and Reuters regarding Casey Anthony’s murder trial, and it was picked up in over 2,000 articles.

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Girl power, prisoners’ rights, Osama bin Laden’s use of communication technology, and much more! Click here to see what Pace faculty and staff have been saying in the news.

  • Law professor Michael Mushlin, a “prisoners’ rights expert”, was quoted in The Huffington Post regarding the supreme court’s decision to cut back California’s prison population by more than 30,000 inmates.
  • Emilie Zaslow, PhD, assistant professor of communication studies and author of “Feminism, Inc.: Coming of Age in Girl Power Media Culture” (Palgrave Macmillan, 2009) is quoted in a Medill Reports Chicago article.
  • Richard Shadick, PhD, director of Pace’s Counseling Center in New York City and an adjunct professor of psychology, was interviewed for an AP article regarding trends in screening college students for mental health issues.
  • Professor Bruce Bachenheimer discusses the importance of leadership skill building in a cover story for College PreView, a high school publication targeting college-bound juniors and seniors.

  • A Law professor writes an opinion article in the Journal News online ( about the politics of same-sex marriage.
  • Commencement coverage included a segment on News 12 on May 20 featuring the Pleasantville undergraduate ceremony, a mention of honorary degree recipient Dr. Jo Ivey Boufford on The NY Daily News web site and a photo montage on The Journal News web site,

  • Darren Hayes, DPS, was quoted in an article on regarding Osama bin Laden and his use of technology communications.
  • Robert Meffe, director of the BFA musical theater program at Pace , is featured and heavily quoted in an article by The Christian Science Monitor.
  • Xinhua News Agency wrote a story about the open house event that was recently held at Pace to introduce Chinese culture to students and local residents.
  • An article in the Westchester County Business Journal covers the launch of an online bachelor’s degree program called iPace for students who work full time or are too busy to study on campus.
  • Marketing professor Paul Kurnit is quoted in an article appearing on The CBS Interactive Business Network. He shares his expertise on the topic of marketing and stresses the importance of innovation in advertising and the fragmentation of media.
  • A Pace University environmental science graduate course and student are highlighted in a New York Times Dot Earth blog post by Andy Revkin, senior fellow for environmental understanding at Pace.
  • The Journal News online and Ithaca Journal Online quoted law professor Adele Bernhard who criticized the newly passed bill by the New York Senate which will create a “violent felony offender registry” state-wide. Bernhard believes the bill won’t help a person become rehabilitated.
  • Maxine Sugarman, the director of Career Services on Pace’s New York City Campus, shares with The Examiner how she and her team are preparing graduating seniors and graduate students to be interview-ready for potential employers.
  • Pace was featured in three Pleasantville Examiner articles. The stories were about the Pace Relay for Life event, the opening of the Marty McGuire Museum at the Environmental Center on the Westchester campus, and the hiring of Pace’s new athletic director.
  • In a Crain’s New York Business article Bruce Bachenheimer, clinical professor of management and director of the entrepreneurship program at Pace University, advocates that small business owners should first “Do a small-scale test” to determine if and how their company should raise prices.

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Marketing gimmicks, workplace demographics, data encryption, and more. Pace faculty and staff sound off in the media.

On May 6, Claudia G. Green, PhD, was an invited guest speaker at the Columbia University School of International and Public Affairs Conference on Tibet where she spoke about “Community Based Tourism Development in Tibet.” She will also be presenting her sustainable tourism development projects and research in Paraty and Ilha Grande Brazil at the AACSB Sustainability Conference in Charlotte, North Carolina, June 15-17, 2011.

Professor and director of Pace’s Counseling Center, Richard Shaddick, PhD, discusses “working around depression” in a cover story of the Winter 2011 issue of Esperanza.

Pace economics professor Farrokh Hormozi, PhD and law professor Randolph McLaughlin, JD, were called upon for expertise for an article in The Journal News on changing demographics in the workplace.

Jonathan Hill, assistant dean of Seidenberg School of Computer Science, was quoted in a New York Times article about the fastest growing career fields.

Economics lecturer Ghassan Karam discussed the recent uprisings in the Middle East as a guest panelist on World Have Your Say, BBC’s award-winning global interactive news discussion show, on April 22.

Dean Nira Herrmann of the Dyson College of Arts and Sciences is quoted in the Westchester County Business Journal.

Greg Clary from The Journal News observed Pace faculty and students debate the future of nuclear power during a discussion held April 13 on Pace’s Westchester Campus. Clary’s April 14 column outlined some of the complexities discussed.

Despite its dominance in the U.S. market, Walmart–the nation’s largest retailer–has endured seven straight quarters of falling sales at its stores. In AOL’s Daily Finance, Lubin’s Paul Kurnit comments whether the Bentonville, Arkansas-based retailer’s strategy of revisiting a marketing gimmick it used to great effect once before–“Low Prices, Every Day”–is a good one.

WCBS TV filmed a story which aired on Friday, April 15 at 11pm on Jean Coppola and her students who teach seniors technology in adult care facilities.

Sue Merritt, founding dean of the Seidenberg School of Computer Science and Information Systems now has a Verizon Foundation Scholarship named after her, according to an article written in The Journal News.

An article in The Journal News features Law professor Ralph Stein, who is called upon for his expertise regarding a case in Harrison. covered both the Actors Studio Drama School’s 13th repertory season beginning Wednesday, April 13 and Pace’s Leaders in Management black tie fundraiser with a performance by Tony-nominated Ann Hampton Callaway.

Maria Luskay’s, EdD, class on filming a documentary has recently been covered in media in New York and Massachusetts.

Darren Hayes, DPS, is sought out for his expertise on computer security once again; this time in the Forbes blog. “There is a cost to encryption and many companies will not pay,” says Hayes, chair of Pace’s Computer Information Systems Program.

Seidenberg assistant dean Jonathan Hill and Lubin professor Robert Vambery comment in an article on on reports that China is set to surpass the U.S. in PC shipments either this year or the next.

The Journal News called upon Pace Energy and Climate Center head James Van Nostrand for his expertise regarding an experimental process of burying carbon underground.

Read a letter to the editor in the New York Times by John Alan James, a professor of corporate governance at Pace, about Henry A. Kissinger’s review of Jonathan Steinberg’s “Bismarck: A Life.”

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Pace moves up in the ranks; Charlie Sheen’s marketing spin; gold is a gift; and more media coverage of Pace faculty.

Crain’s New York Business reported that the graduate business program at the Lubin School of Business has moved up 15 places in the U.S. News Media Group’s rankings. It is now tied with the program at Fordham.

Marketing professor Paul Kurnit pointed out the marketing value of Charlie Sheen’s activities and the dwindling value of Smith Barney’s “we earn it” slogan in TheStreet and AOL Small Business. Additionally, Kurnit weighs in on The Facebook Age and how Facebook is not driven by the leadership style of Mark Zuckerberg in Success Magazine.

The Pace Law School Energy and Climate Center’s work on a climate action plan for the town of Red Hook is featured in the Daily Freeman.

“Gold is a gift; not an investment” advised Lubin  finance professor Lewis J. Altfest in an editorial appearing in the March 14 issue of The Wall Street Journal.

Law School professor Ralph Stein weighs in on how “Public–record access can be costly” in The Journal News.

Assistant professor of psychology Anthony Mancini was mentioned in a Globe and Mail article regarding the resilience of the human psyche after heavy trauma and loss.

John Nolon, James D. Hopkins Professor of Law at Pace Law School, talked to the Times Herald-Record about changes in Beacon alter development.

John Cronin, Senior Fellow for Environmental Affairs at Pace and Director/CEO of the Beacon Institute for Rivers and Estuaries, was quoted on an IBM website about the need to solve environmental problems with “technological and analytical innovations.”

An article in The Journal News, “Film tells of 9/11 widows who work for the greater good” mentions management professor Katherine Richardson in a feature article about 9/11 widows rebuilding their lives.

In a milestone for the school, the first graduate of the Actors Studio Drama School appeared on Inside the Actors Studio. Bradley Cooper discussed with James Lipton such matters as why Cooper missed his ASDS graduation – and the conversation made the New York Post’s “Page 6” twice!

Pace professor Darren Hayes, DPS, is quoted in another TechNewsWorld article which included his views on a constitutional right “to read anonymously, and case law shows that this right extends to the right to online privacy.”

The Journal News reached out to two Pace professors, Law professor Randolph McLaughlin and Greg Holtz, professor of public administration, to discuss the changing demographics of the region.

An article entitled “The Demise of Organized Labor” by Pace adjunct professor John Allan James appeared in the Westchester County Business Journal.

A new study by finance professors Iuliana Ismailescu and Matthew Morey was covered by two influential finance mediums:  Ignites, a Financial Times service distributed to more than 50,000 leaders across the world of mutual funds; and WSJ MarketBeat, a blog with monthly traffic of 525,892 visitors and 878,282 page views.

Professor Gregory Holtz, a lecturer at the Michaelian Institute, weighs in on the Diversity Index as another way to view census data in an article from The Journal News.

Professors Susan Merritt, PhD, Fred Grossman, Charles C. Tappert, and Joseph Bergin of the Seidenberg School have published their article entitled “A Research Doctorate for Computing Professionals” in the April issue of the Communications of the ACM, which can be read here. featured testimony about deflation fears that economics professor Joseph Salerno gave before the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Financial Services, Subcommittee on Monetary Policy.

Emily Welty, PhD, international author and Dyson professor, and Jacob Toll, board member of the Seeds of Peace Organization were on a panel presenting “Engaging Youths and Community in Dialogue: Our Roles in Cultivating Global Peace?” at this year’s Left Forum on March 19.


Adjunct Political Science Professor Gustavo Rivera, the newly elected State Senator from the Bronx, moderated the National Teach-In on Austerity and Indebtedness featuring Cornel West, PhD, of Princeton University on April 5.

Distinguished Professor of Art History Janetta Rebold Benton, PhD will lead The Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Lecture Series “Art History 201: Masterpieces of World Art, The 20th and Early 21st Centuries” this spring. Dr. Benton has also just co-authored and published Arts and Culture: An Introduction to the Humanities.

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The largest country in South America, Watson’s Jeopardy! debut, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. What do these things have in common? Pace faculty, of course.

Dyson Professors Nancy Reagin, PhD, and Martha Driver, PhD, talk about their success using the “Reacting to the Past” teaching method in the Chronicle of Higher Education article, Setting Students’ Minds on Fire.

In a Journal News interview, Dyson professor Farrokh Hormozi, PhD, called for more workforce education as a crucial part of a national job program and stressed the psychological damage of lengthy unemployment.

Eric Kessler, a management professor at the Lubin School of Business, was quoted in a  Newsweek cover story about documenting breakdowns in decision-making due to an overload of digitized information.

Professor Darren R. Hayes, DPS, was quoted in multiple articles about the Jeopardy! game show testing man against machine (IBM’S Watson supercomputer). The major stories emphasize Hayes’s knowledge of homeland security and how Watson could be used in that area.

Larry Chiagouris, a professor of marketing and author of The Secret to Getting a Job After College was quoted in a Yahoo! Shine article about courses every college student should take.

Adjunct professors of art Jessica Dickinson and Stephanie Jeanjean participated in the College Art Association Annual Conference, in the panels “Studio Art Open Session: Abstract Painting at 100” and “Women and Work,” respectively.

The East Greenwich Patch writes a detailed profile of Andrew Revkin, a former East Greenwich resident and current  Senior Fellow for Environmental Understanding at Pace’s Academy for Applied Environmental Studies.

Professor and Chair of Women’s and Gender Studies Department Nancy Reagin, PhD, co-edited a special historical issue of Transformative Works and Cultures, an MLA-indexed journal devoted to scholarship about popular culture, fans, audiences, and new media.  Within the issue, Reagin co-authored a review essay entitled “‘I’m Buffy, and You’re History’: Putting Fan Studies Into History.”

Adjunct professor of performing arts JoAnn Yeoman Tongret’s essay, “Telling Tales” has been published in Emeritus Voices, the journal of the Emeritus College at Arizona State University.

Professor of music Lee Evans, EdD, has been featured in the January/February 2011 issue of JAZZed Magazine, the Jazz Education Network’s official magazine for jazz educators. His article, “The Age of Ambiguity: An Apt Appellation,” examines the evolution of tonality to atonality in music history.

Pace Law professor Randolph McLaughlin, JD, talks to The Journal News about an appeal filed in Port Chester’s voting rights case.

Pace professors Paul Kurnit and Steven Goldberg, JD, discussed whether the world’s largest automaker can restore its battered reputation for safety and quality with David Schepp of AOL’s Daily Finance.

Claudia Green,PhD, the Director of Hospitality and Tourism Management has led more than 250 Pace students and faculty on 10 field studies to Brazil since 2000. She spearheaded the Pace “Brazil Day 2011″ event as a prelude to her 11th study abroad trip to the largest country in South America.

Pace Law professor Darren Rosenblum, JD, comments in the Washington Post about the practical effects of the Obama Administration’s dropping its defense of the Defense of Marriage Act.

In an aging society, professor Jean Coppola’s, PhD, work training students to help older people learn computing struck with various news media and she has most recently been interviewed in The Wall Street Journal.

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Google’s actions in Egypt, New York as the next Venice, Beijing: Boomtown or No? – Pace faculty weigh in on local, national, and global events.

Chris Presley, Director of Professional Development for the Actors Studio Drama School, was quoted in The Washington Times February 3, 2011 article, “How Hollywood Shaped Gipper”, a highlight of Ronald Reagan’s film background and its influence on his political career.

Professor Randi Priluck of Pace’s business school believes that studying is the key to learning – not test taking. See what she has to say in her letter to the editor published by the New York Times.

John C. Byrne, PhD, a Lubin management professor, recently published his book entitled The Mindset for Creating Project Value, which provides insight into how different perspectives are necessary to better understand the limitations of project.

Darren R. Hayes, DPS, a computer forensics and security professor, spoke to about the need for security standardization for cloud services.

The voice of Lubin professor Jack James was heard in a story on Egypt, saying Google was wise to stay quiet about the public activities of its celebrated employee Wael Ghonim.

Clinical professor and marketing expert Paul Kurnit discusses the lasting love we have for a toy like Legos in The Sacramento Bee.

The Wall Street Journal reports on the alliance between Steve Jobs and Rupert Murdoch on The Daily, Murdoch’s new digital newspaper for the iPad, ended with a bang for Pace: a knowing analysis of the move from the dean of the Lubin School of Business, Neil Braun, who is a former chief executive of Viacom Inc.’s entertainment division.

Bruce Bachenheimer, management professor and director of Pace’s entrepreneurship program, spoke to The Star-Ledger about the importance of mentoring and sponsorship.

“I think Toyota blew it early on,” said Paul Kurnit, clinical professor of marketing, to He and Pace Law professor Steven Goldberg, JD, spoke to to discuss the most recent Toyota recall.

Farrokh Hormozi, PhD, Professor and Chair of the Public Administration Department, spoke about Municipal Finance at the monthly luncheon of the Municipal Administrators Association of Metropolitan New York, on February 16, 2011.

John Nolon, JD, a Pace University law professor with an expertise in sustainability law, spoke with about the possible effects of climate change on sea level for New York waters.

Professor Bridget J. Crawford, JD, “who teaches about gender issues in estate tax law at Pace University Law School in White Plains,” discussed the new federal tax law’s estate tax exemptions for spouses on the front page of a New York Times special section on “Wealth.”

In a letter to the editor of the Financial Times, Law professor Darren Rosenblum, JD, brushed away Chinese claims of inventing a new national economic model. “China’s export prowess depends directly on the international community’s ignoring the extent of state domination of the economy…. If Boeing could get away with the amount of state support that China’s industries get, it would be unrivalled.”

The Actors Studio Drama School got local publicity in the Motley County Tribune when a student went to the county to research a local jail as the setting for his direction of the William Saroyan one-act play Hello Out There.

Inigral, the creators of the Schools App for Facebook, received a $2 million program-related investment from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. New clients include Pace University, Hofstra University, the New Jersey Institute of Technology, Savannah College of Art and Design, and the Academy of Art University.

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“Wild” web pages, WikiLeaks, and all that jazz— Pace faculty have been out and about in the press this month.

Art professor Jillian Mcdonald’s website was highlighted as one of “The Wildest Faculty Web Pages” in The Chronicle of Higher Education.; and in Border Crossings, a Canadian arts magazine, she discussed her increasingly celebrated fascination with zombies, vampires, and horror films.

Nicholas Catalano, PhD, a professor of English, is a contributor to All About Jazz. His latest essay links to past and current practitioners of jazz who use the contrapuntal lines of classical music.

Darren Hayes, DPS, Seidenberg’s computer forensics and security expert, has been repeatedly quoted about the implications of the WikiLeaks controversy, most recently in a Flint Journal article about a possible lack of open access to social networking sites and e-mail for troops abroad.

Anthony D. Mancini, PhD, co-authored research that found that for many, losing a job has “few long term psychological effects.” Multiple media reported on the study.

In an op-ed in the Journal News on the conviction of White Plains Mayor Adam Bradley, Pace Law Professor Bennett L. Gershman, JD, strongly suggested Bradley resigns.

Pace Law’s John Nolon, JD, was interviewed on an influential public radio station, WAMC, after the Pace Land Use Law Center presented ideas for rehabilitating the city’s economy at a hearing in Newburgh.

New business founders should “suspend their confidence in their own business” and listen to customers, advised Professor and Director of Entrepreneurship Bruce Bachenheimer in the second of two segments on MSNBC’s “Your Business.” Additionally Bachenheimer discussed innovations of the year in his second appearance on a worldwide Voice of America (VOA) news program.

Jackson Morris, a senior policy adviser at the Pace Law School’s Energy and Climate Center, talked to American Public Media’s Marketplace about new EPA regulations on greenhouse gas emissions at power plants, refineries, and paper mills.

Chris Williams, an environmental activist and adjunct professor, is “an informative and engaging writer, but his biggest weapon is his thorough research” according to a review in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer.

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Lubin professors are minding your business, history professor has a “shocking” comment, the Wilson Center is watching the bottom line, and more in this line up of Pace professors and programs in the news.

Bruce Bachenheimer, management professor and director of Pace’s entrepreneurship program, was a panelist on MSNBC’s Your Business program. A segment of that broadcast is available online here.

Economics professor Joseph Salerno, PhD, presented on the topics of the Austrian business cycle and the end of macroeconomics at several conferences and symposiums scattered across the US. Additionally, his new book Money: Sound and Unsound was recently published by the Ludwig von Mises Institute.

The Washington Times quoted Pace history professor Joseph Tse-Hei, PhD, in an article on the Chinese film Aftershock about the Tangshan earthquake. Tse-Hei spoke to the “impressive” nature of the film’s criticism of contemporary Chinese politics. To read more of what he had to say, click here.

The Pace Performing Arts production of A Christmas Carol is earning attention for both its artistic merits and its outreach endeavors. just ranked the production as the 7th most-read article on their site. Additionally, reported on Pace Performing Arts’ contribution to the Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS funds for which donations will be collected after each performance.

A study done on the effectiveness of nonprofit organizations by Rebecca Tekula, PhD, of the Wilson Center for Entrepreneurship, has gained the attention of several media outlets after an article ran in the “Greater New York” section of The Wall Street Journal. The story was picked up by the Nonprofit Quarterly and the Chronicle of Philanthropy.

Dennis Sandler, PhD, and Mary Long, PhD, both marketing professors for Lubin, presented “Consumer Behavior in a Recession: Implications for Advertising Strategies” at the Northeast Business and Economics Association conference this past October.

The St. Louis Post- Dispatch sat down with musical theater major Kate Bristol ’12 to talk about the yellow brick road that took her from Pace NYC to the starring role as Dorothy in the national tour of The Wizard of Oz.

The “sparkling production” of The Merry Wives of Windsor from London’s Shakespeare’s Globe garnered high praise in Ben Brantley’s New York Times review. It received a star denoting a “highly recommended” production.

The daily letters column of The New York Times used a letter from professor emeritus Anthony Cupaiuolo, PhD, about poverty and poor schools as causes of the “culture” of poverty.

Associate Professor of Criminal Justice Susan Herman, JD, had her letter to the editor published in The New York Times in response to Megan Buskey’s review of Jessica Stern’s Denial. In her letter, Herman calls for a fuller societal response to the pain of crime victims.

In an interview with CFO Magazine, Tom Jones, director of Lubin’s international accounting center, dealt with sticking points in the global transition to a common set of accounting rules.

Associate Art Professor William Pappenheimer’s review of the “Tunneling” show that he curated at Famous Accountants gallery in Bushwick is out in the November issue of Art in America. Six other reviews of the show can be found here, including a video review by James Kalm. Pappenheimer also premiered a series of augmented reality works for the iPhone or Android, hallucinations mapped onto public parks for the Bushwick Augmented Reality Intervention 2010.

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Wile E. Coyote may have bought his last Acme supply, law students stand up to big coal, James Lipton stays up late late, and more. Pace faculty, staff, and students sound off in the news.

Wile E. Coyote making a comeback in Westchester?  Probably not, say several local wildlife experts that came to Pace late last month to discuss the resurgence of coyote sightings and encounters in a symposium entitled “Coyotes in Suburbia.” The lecture was attended by more than 100 wildlife experts, law enforcement officials, and citizens from Westchester County.

Want to make a mogul? asked Bruce Bachenheimer, director of entrepreneurship at Lubin, to give some advice to parents who want to nurture their child’s business acumen. See what he had to say in’s Top Tips: 15 Ways to Raise a Young Mogul.

Professor of Finance, Surendra Kaushik, PhD, susses out the pros and cons of proposed tax break for employers who hire U.S. workers in

The Pace Environmental Law Clinic, run by students and supervised by law professors Karl S. Coplan, JD, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., JD, LLM, and Daniel Estrin, JD, took the first steps in bringing suit against several Kentucky mining companies for violations against the Clean Water Act.

Adjunct Professor of Marketing Ellen Schapps Richman and her husband got down to business at a Democratic fundraising dinner in their home. An article in highlights some of the big-name attendees including:  President Barack Obama, director/producer Ron Howard, TV journalist Jane Pauley, and Garry Trudeau of “Doonesbury” fame.

Alexandra Dappolito Dunn, JD, assistant dean of Environmental Law Programs, spoke at the Beacon Institute for Rivers and Estuaries as part of their Third Thursday Series held at the Center for Environmental Innovation and Education in Beacon, New York. The discussion was centered on the importance of water in the global economy and also included John Cronin, Senior Fellow for Environmental Affairs at the Pace Academy for Applied Environmental Studies.

Getting to bed early these days? In case you missed it, The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson invited Dean Emeritus of the Actors Studio Drama School James Lipton to talk about Inside the Actors Studio entering its 17th season and all of the preparation that goes into producing an in-depth interview.  View the segment and hear what Lipton said about Pace University.

Pace’s Build on Special Strengths (BOSS) Program was featured twice last month on WPIX TV’s morning news program. The piece examined the college experience of three students with autism and followed the students through their day-to-day activities as a college student. Director of the BOSS Program Dianne Zager, PhD, was interviewed as well.

Lubin professor Jorge Pinto appeared on CNN en Español Economía y Finanzas to discuss the state of the economy in the United States and Latin America, noting that high budget deficits are fueling fear about the value of the dollar.

Finance professor Michael Szenberg, PhD, was interviewed on the topic of “appreciation” last month by the producers of TV Tokyo’s Money Encyclopedia. Click here to watch the interview, and if you aren’t bilingual, skip ahead to 1:21 for Professor Szenberg’s comments.

Maria Luskay, EdD, associate professor and director of the MA in Media and Communication Arts Program, was quoted in Andrew Revkin’s New York Times Op-Ed on “A Pretty Edgy Climate Campaign.”

Director of the Counseling Center Richard Shadick, PhD, was asked by to give his advice to women battling depression in the article “11 Simple Tips to Chase the Blues.”

The Manitoban reports Jillian Mcdonald, associate professor of fine art and curator of the Pace Digital Gallery, has just finished filming her latest project, a zombie film tentatively titled Prairie Horror.

Senior Fellow for Environmental Understanding at the Pace Academy for Applied Environmental Studies Andrew Revkin served as the keynote speaker at the Northeast Environmental Studies Group conference earlier last month. Read what he had to say about the ethics of climate change in this article.

Brian Petersen, PsyD, a senior psychologist in the Counseling Center, was asked by The Sacramento Bee to weigh in on the rise of paranormal investigation services as a response to the universal anxiety of death.

Assistant Professor of Communication Studies and author of Feminism Inc.: Coming of Age in Girl Power Media Culture Emilie Zaslow, speaks about the toll eating disorders have on adolescents in the November/December 2010 issue of Scholastic Choices, a classroom magazine aimed at teen audiences with a circulation of 200,000.

Associate professor of criminal justice Susan Herman, JD, and author of Parallel Justice for Victims of Crime, has been named to the state’s first-ever Permanent Sentencing Commission. The Commission is charged with the task of revising New York State’s crime sentencing policies—something which has not been done in more than four decades. sat down with Tom Jones, director of the Center for the Study of International Accounting Standards, to discuss recent developments within the field of accounting, including issues such as a blue-ribbon panel’s endorsement of private-company accounting rules and the selection of a Dutch regulator to head the IASB.

Sister Mary St. John Delany, associate professor in the School of Education and director of the Center for Literacy Enrichment hosted “Witches’ Brew,” a free program featuring readings by local children’s book authors and storytelling from different cultures. The director and the program were featured in an article on

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Pace’s musical theater program gets a “standing O” from the New York Times. A computer science professor shares the benefits of computer use for older users with Investor’s Business Daily. A marketing professor shares what really IS in a name with the Wall Street Journal. Pace faculty and staff have been busy making headlines!

  • The New York Post knows where to go for advice and insight: Clinical Professor of Management Bruce Bachenheimer discusses a common blunder that can doom your start-up business. Flight delayed? There’s an app for that and Bachenheimer shares it in an article about the best smartphone apps.
  • Will your iPod damage your hearing over time? Associate Professor of Communication Sciences Disorders Abbey L. Berg, PhD, discusses her study on whether cause-and-effect is shown with BusinessWeek, MSN Health and Fitness, and 20 other health publications. Read more about the study here.
  • What’s in a name? Marketing professor Larry Chiagouris tells the Wall Street Journal (and entrepreneurs) why it’s important to not rush into choosing a name for their new businesses and how digging deep can pay off in the end.
  • Associate Professor of Computer Science and Information Systems Jean Coppola discusses her “Intergenerational Computing” class and the benefits of computer use for older users with Investor’s Business Daily.  

  • Lienhard School of Nursing associate professor and chairperson Martha J. Greenberg, RN, PhD and professor and chairperson of the Lienhard graduate department Rona F. Levin, RN, PhD talk to about the changes in nursing education and in the nursing industry within the last decade.
  • People’s Daily Online interviewed Nira Herrmann, Dean of Dyson College, about how Pace’s Confucius Institute is bridging east and west as well as community and scholarship in “A Home to Support Cultural Expression.”
  • Chair of the acting department Elizabeth Kemp tells that happiness at work isn’t about fame or fortune, it’s about creativity.
  • Law School Professor Van Z. Krikorian was quoted in a Boston Globe article on the briefing he filed defending Massachusett’s move on the ruling equating those who dispute the genocide designation to Holocaust deniers.
  • On August 29, Associate Professor of Political Science Christopher Malone, PhD, hosted a fundraiser to benefit New Orleans, which was covered in the Arts section of the New York Times. Malone was also quoted in an online Wall Street Journal article “In Campaigns, Entrepreneurs Get Busy.”
  • Pace’s Musical Theater program and Amy Rogers received standing ovation mentions by a casting director in The New York Times.
  • Counseling Center director and adjunct professor of psychology Richard Shadick, PhD, is a triple threat this month! First, he lent his advice to Lifescript regarding what to say and what not to say to a friend or family member who is depressed.  Shadick also reflected on people’s anxiety over the plan for a mosque near Ground Zero and the need for a 9/11 memorial where people can honor those they lost in a Reuters article. Finally, Shadick talked about the impact of the recession on the mental health of students in La Opinión, the largest Spanish-language daily newspaper in the country.
  • The inflation vs. deflation debate has been heating up and SFO Magazine turned to distinguished professor of economics Michael Szenberg, PhD, for some answers.
  • Professor of international business and marketing Robert Vambery discusses China’s economic futures, the turning point in US-Chinese business relations, and why the Chinese government should be concerned about climate change in the International Business Times (Hong Kong).
  • Law School professor Emily Gold Waldman discusses the constitutionality of the proposed cyberbullying legislation in Westchester County with the Journal News.

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Move over, Bella, Edward, and Jacob! Professor Nancy Reagin’s historical perspective on Twilight is taking over the media. More interested in marketing yourself? Check out Paul Kurnit’s advice in the Chicago Tribune. Learn more about what Pace faculty and staff are saying in the media.

  • Pace alumnus, David Pecker ’72, and chairman, president, and CEO of American Media, Inc. made headlines with a profile in the Wall Street Journal after donating almost $800,000 to Pace.
  • Clinical Professor of Management Bruce Bachenheimer talks entrepreneurship with U.S. News & World Report and explains how learning abroad often lends a life-changing perspective of business opportunities. On the other hand, Bachenheimer also discusses some of the setbacks in starting a business abroad with
  • Ida Dupont, associate professor of criminal justice/sociology, shares her research on women who decide not to have children in a society where so much emphasis is placed on motherhood with the Richmond Times-Dispatch.
  • Professor of International Business and Marketing Robert Vambery, PhD, discussed how China’s rapid economic rise is leading to a turning point in U.S.-Chinese business relations in the International Business Times (Hong Kong).
  • Farrokh Hormozi, PhD, Chair of Public Administration and professor of Economics and Public Administration, talks about the IT job market and the Pace/SkillPROOF IT Index Report in the July 2010 issue of Crain’s New York and in Epoch Times.
  • Marketing professor Paul Kurnit dishes to Boxoffice Magazine about Eat Pray Love and how product tie-ins for movies can even work on adults. Kurnit also discusses the origins of branding and how to “market me” in the Chicago Tribune, as well as programming to replace soap operas in Advertising Age.
  • The Dalai Lama responds to issues raised by Joseph Lee, Professor of History and Director of the East Asian Studies Center.
  • Much like the Twilight series itself, Professor of History and Women’s & Gender Studies Nancy Reagin, PhD, new book, Twilight and History, is becoming a phenomenon, being featured on, in the Washington Monthly magazine, in the American Historical Association newsletter,  the online magazine for college students College Candy, Hollywood Dame and a number of Twilight fandom newsletters.
  • Adjunct professor of political science and 33rd Senate District candidate Gustavo Rivera talks to Bronx News Network about the upcoming race, his position on key issues, and how his job at Pace is the only one he’d considering keeping if elected.
  • Photography professor Roger Sayre talks about his curatorial project Brunswick Window, dispenses three pieces of advice to starting artists, and discusses which Muppet character he is sometimes compared to in the Jersey Journal on
  • NYC Counseling Center Director Richard Shadick, PhD, tells why even verbal expressions of anger (a la Mel Gibson) have become less tolerated. Shadick also gives tips on keeping a campus romance alive over the summer in Student Health 101 and discusses emotional abuse in Everyday Health.
  • K. Mark Sossin, PhD, codirector of the Parent-Infant/Toddler Research Nursery at Pace, points to visual clues and paying attention to your toddler’s body language to figure out what he or she is feeling in the August issue of Parents Magazine.
  • Lubin Professor Michael Szenberg talks about the unemployment outlook and the stigma that keeps employers from hiring someone who’s been unemployed for a while with the Times Union.
  • The Pace/SkillProof IT Index Report (PSII) has been receiving its fair share of press from outlets such as the Westchester County Business Journal and for its recent report noting dramatic growth in the IT industry.