Tech Expo Returns to Campus

The second annual Pace Tech Expo comes to the Westchester Campus on March 28 and will feature seminars by faculty and staff, a vendor showcase hosted by a number of big name tech companies, and plenty of free raffles and giveaways.

In just a few weeks the second annual Pace Tech Expo will return to the Westchester Campus, so stop by the Kessel Student Center on Wednesday, March 28 from 10:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. to learn what companies like Dell, Audio/Video Corp., Crestron Electronics, Adobe, HP, Microsoft, Verizon Wireless, Maven Technologies, and more are doing with technology.

The Tech Expo is an opportunity for you to interact and learn about emerging technologies in higher education and the consumer market directly from some of today’s biggest companies in the technology industry.

The event will consist of a vendor technology showcase where you will be able to learn more about educational applications, learn how technology is being utilized in today’s evolving classrooms, and see what is in development for classrooms of the future.  There will also be seminar presentations by vendors and some of Pace University’s esteemed faculty and staff.  These presentations will be focusing on innovative technology for use inside and outside of the classroom.

To learn more about the planned presentations from vendors and faculty, please visit


The Three-Ring Binder of the Future

Pace faculty test out ePortfolios for tenure, promotion, and more…

“We’re using ePortfolio for tenure and promotion for the first time. Faculty used to use three-ring binders, and they needed duplicate copies for each campus—this is really streamlining the process,” says University Executive Director of Academic Technology Beth Gordon Klingner, PhD. An ePortfolio is a sharable, digital collection of a person’s work including published articles, research data, CVs and resumes, video, and multimedia. Currently, all faculty who are coming up for tenure or promotion are using Mahara, an open source ePortfolio and social networking platform, to create and distribute their electronic dossiers.

Pace’s Center for Teaching, Learning, and Technology began hosting a Mahara User Group (MUG) for users seeking to collaborate on all issues related to Mahara. After an inaugural MUG meeting in August, the group’s size—and reach—increased. “We started as just a group of local schools using Mahara,” Klingner says “but we’ve definitely grown and now we’re an international group with members from Germany and New Zealand, including the developers of Mahara.”  The MUG group is now using web conferencing technology to share ideas, strategies, and challenges.

“Because it [Mahara] is an open source platform, the community helps to make recommendations and we’re trying to be active in that community,” Klingner says. “It’s great because Pace is at the forefront of this initiative.”

Using ePortfolio for tenure and promotion isn’t the only way faculty are getting involved. “We have another round of teaching circles with 22 faculty participating—engaging in workshops, course development, and planning,” says Klingner. “They’re committed to using ePortfolio during the spring semester.” These user groups, Klingner believes, are important for faculty because once they learn the importance and versatility of ePortfolio, many of them are more confident and better able to apply this technology to use in the classroom.

For more information about how ePortfolio can benefit you and your students or to learn about Pace’s MUG, click here.