Wrapping Up FY2011

As the end of the Fiscal Year nears, Human Resources provides the Pace Community with a few reminders about time off and the PMDP process.

  • Please remember to review your July 15 Pay Advice on the Portal to ensure your Benefit elections are updated appropriately.  If you have any questions, please contact the University Benefits Office at benefits@pace.edu, or x22828.
  • As we approach the end of Pace’s Fiscal Year and begin to plan for the 2012 Fiscal Year, many of you may be planning department-wide retreats.  These retreats are a time to celebrate past accomplishments and strategically plan for the upcoming year. The Organizational Learning and Development Department can help you plan your retreat agendas.  If interested, please contact Susan Donahue at X22766 or sdonahue@pace.edu.
  • The Performance Management and Development Review Process has begun! Prepare for the PMDP review process by taking one of the Organizational Learning & Development Department’s training courses this spring.
  • No Vacation Carryover:  Don’t forget to schedule the rest of your vacation time: June 30 is the end of the vacation accrual year.  Please note that there is no vacation carryover – therefore, if you don’t use it, you will lose it, but take heart Pace employees: July 1 marks the new vacation accrual year and Summer Flex Days!
  • Summer Flex Hours: This summer each full-time staff member will have the opportunity to take every other Friday off, for three Fridays, or the equivalent between July 1 and August 12.  Each school/college or division will administer the flexible summer hours program based on the needs of the University. Enjoy!
  • Automated Payment Actions System…expanding to more users: The automated payment actions system, developed by HR and ITS, will be launched to more users beginning this summer.  The system, which converted the paper salary increase process (among other payment actions) to a user-friendly, automated system, has been in use by the schools/colleges since March.