(i)Tune in to Pace Lectures and More

Lectures on the go? Lessons from the road? Sure! Share your recordings with your students and peers by contributing now to Pace on iTunes U.

iTunes U is a free service for higher education from Apple that provides a means for managing, delivering, and accessing university-related content to all, whether on or off campus.

A new version of Pace on iTunes U has been launched, now featuring recorded lectures and video recordings of campus events, faculty talks, and even digitally re-mastered interviews of Pace College Radio in the 1960s; as well as content featuring Vice President Joe Biden’s Recovery Act Roundtable at Pace, former president Bill Clinton’s Pace Centennial address, the Honorable Sonia Sotomayor’s Pace Law Commencement address, Pulitzer-winning author Junot Diaz, and more.

In addition to new audio and video content, the site features other enhancements, including keyword searching, a subject-based index of recordings and a listing of featured contributors. After months of hard work, CTLT was delighted to launch this new and greatly enhanced version of Pace on iTunes U.

The Pace Community, alumni, and the general public can access Pace on iTunes U at http://itunes.pace.edu. Since the site debuted in October 2008, all recordings have been—and currently are—available to the public and can be downloaded at no charge.

Users can download and play the recordings on their Mac or PC computers or transfer them to an iPod, iPhone, or iPad with just one click; and experience it on-the-go, anytime, making learning from a lecture just as simple as enjoying music.

Pace on iTunes U combines rich new media with innovative teaching and research making it is possible for every Pace faculty member and researcher to effectively and efficiently provide course material to students, colleagues, fellow researchers, as well as the local and global community.

If you have content you’d like to submit, contact Julio Rodriguez, courseware designer and manager of the Pace on iTunes U project, at jrodriguez@pace.edu.