To the Left, To the Left

The Left Forum returns to Pace and brings some heavy hitting speakers, including Michael Moore, with it.

The Left Forum–one of the largest gatherings of progressive intellectuals, activists, academicians, and organizations from around the world–arrives on Pace’s NYC Campus on March 16–March 18 for the fourth year in a row. The Forum highlights and encourages pushing forward progressive agendas for social change and includes panels of all kinds to discuss variances, commonalities, and alternatives to current difficulties in the world, and to share ideas for understanding and transforming it.

“We’re very pleased that the Left Forum has been a constant at Pace because it draws a diverse and substantial audience—from academics and activists worldwide, to students and faculty from the area,” says Associate Director for The Center for Community Action and Research and Adjunct Professor Sangeeta Rao.

Speakers include filmmaker Michael Moore, journalist Chris Hedges, and sociologist John Holloway to stimulate conversation about how change can help you, your family, and the world. Plus Pace students and faculty will be participating in a number of panels, including Citizenship, Civic Engagement, and Community Action in times of Political Apathy and Political Activism, A Front Row Seat to Occupy Wall Street: Pace University and the OWS Movement, and Thinking Debt Forgiveness. For a full listing of panels featuring Pace students, faculty, and staff, click here.

Come break the silence for only $20 for Pace faculty and staff and $15 for students, and get access to a large amount of the brightest progressive minds in the world!

Don’t Get Left Behind

The Left Forum returns to Pace this month with a number of high-profile speakers and exciting panelists—including a few of our own faculty, staff, and students. Learn more about the conference and find out how you can attend… for free.

This March 18-20, the Left Forum returns to Pace for its third year in a row.  The renowned conference—which each year brings together the largest gathering of left-leaning intellectuals in the United States—was originally known as the annual Socialist Scholars Conference, but has undergone more than just a change of name in recent years. Since its development in 1981, the event has become one of the largest scholarly Leftist conferences. In 2004, it changed its name to the Left Forum, which “opened up the conference further to writers, poets, political activists, union organizers, students, journalists, [artists], whose work reflected a desire to bring about social, political and economic progress,” says Professor Robert Salerno, PhD, who is in charge of the event. Last year, the conference drew a crowd of more than 3,500 people to Pace’s downtown campus, including noted speakers Rev. Jesse Jackson and Noam Chomsky and more than 200 participants from the University.

This year, the Forum will feature numerous panels, debates and presentations, focused around the theme of working Toward a Politics of Solidarity. “Most people on the left believe that people need to reclaim their political power,” says Salerno, “and how to do that will be some of the strategies discussed at this year’s forum.”

This year’s Forum features more speakers and panels than last year, including a number of Pace students and alumni—who will be forgoing soaking up the sun over spring break (which is taking place at the same time.) Alumna and counseling center staff member Kelly Herbert, who heads up Pace’s LGBTQA Task Force will be presenting, and alumna Ashley Marinaccio ’07, will be speaking of the power of theater to bring about social change. Numerous Pace professors will also be addressing an array of issues—both social and political—and the effects these issues have around the world as will Pace students in a panel on From Silence to Solidarity: Unpacking the Silence and How to Break It.

The event opens with a plenary panel that includes world-renown journalists and advocates: best-selling author and columnist Barbara Ehrenreich; Cornel West, an advocate for social change and racial justice; economics editor of the BBC World News, Paul Mason; and Laura Flanders, a regular contributor to MSNBC.

To register as a volunteer and receive free entry in exchange for a few hours of work, click here, for inquiries on prices for registration, click here.

Learn more about the Left Forum events in last week’s issue of the Pulse.