Get the Dirt

As the Pleasantville Campus celebrates its 50th anniversary this year, the University is undergoing phase one of a renovation, which will transform and reposition the campus for the next 50 years, or more.

This fall, we’re breaking ground on the official Pleasantville Campus master plan—unveiled in June 2011—which seeks to improve the overall atmosphere of the 200-acre campus by creating more outdoor spaces, adding architecturally attractive new and upgraded buildings, boosting circulation and connections between buildings, and reducing the campus’ vehicle-centric nature.

“Today, the Pleasantville Campus does not have landscaped quads, a good system of pedestrian pathways, or enough outdoor open space. That will all change,” says Bill McGrath, Pace’s senior vice president and chief administrative officer. “We will transform the Pleasantville location into a state-of-the-art 21st Century residential campus that reflects the core values of our institution.”

Converting to a single campus in Pleasantville has been the main impetus for the multi-phase master plan. Pace’s nearby 35-acre Briarcliff Campus currently houses 590 students in residence halls, as well as some athletic facilities and faculty offices—capacity that will all be moved to the Pleasantville Campus.

What does this mean for you?

The first new residence hall will be located on the site that is currently Parking Lot K, the lot next to Goldstein Athletic Center. As we move to a greener campus, with more pedestrian pathways and open spaces, we hope to decrease our dependence on cars and encourage more walking throughout campus. For some of us, that may mean that our typical parking location has changed. Please refer to the chart below and the map on the facing page.

If you are visiting these buildings:  Here’s where we recommend you park:
Goldstein Athletic Center Lot F (behind Lienhard Hall)
Administration Center (OSA, Admissions, etc) Lot P (no change)
The townhouses Lot R (no change)
Martin Hall Lot R (Behind townhouses), Lot O (North Hall), or behind Martin Hall
Choate Lot ? (no change)
Paton Hall Lot P (no change)
Kessel Student Center Lots F and M

Please note, in the first phase of construction, the west side of campus will be relatively unaffected so parking recommendations will not change.

The Importance of Parking Stickers

All cars parked on campus must have an official Pace parking sticker—all others will be ticketed or towed.  To get your sticker, bring your Pace ID, license, and registration to the security booth in Goldstein Academic center.

New Directions

Keep your eyes out for new pedestrian pathways and vehicular routes. To aid students, Shirley Beth’s Way, which runs along Choate Pond, will be open to vehicular traffic from 5:00 p.m.–10:00 p.m. once a new pathway is paved. Other traffic changes will be indicated throughout campus.

For up-to-date construction schedule and announcements, visit our website at

Under Construction

Auxiliary Services and the Office of Administration have been working on making several improvements to the University’s infrastructure that will enhance the Pace experience for students, faculty, and staff.

Dining Renovation
Chartwells Dining Services is funding renovations to Café 101 where the servery and dining room will be upgraded and expanded with new equipment and additional serving stations to provide more menu options and better traffic flow. Dining area renovations will include new furniture and new flooring and the addition of a Starbucks kiosk as a late night option for students. A new lounge space will be available in the entrance to the Birnbaum Library that students can use as additional dining and study space.

Courtyard Renovation
Thanks to the contributions of an anonymous donor, by this September, the One Pace Plaza courtyard will be beautifully renovated with new garden areas that will have adjourning wooden benches. Additional flexible seating options will be available and a contemporary new water fountain will be featured. A secured entrance to the courtyard will now be accessible through Spruce Street for easier access.

Façade and Campus Improvements
On the NYC Campus, the One Pace Plaza façade will undergo a restoration. The courtyard façade of the east building will be cleaned and loose stones and panels will be secured. There will also be aesthetic improvements to several student rooms at the 106 Fulton Street residence hall. Administrative space on the 8th floor of 156 William Street will be completed this Fall. In PLV, the Goldstein Academic Center and Willcox Hall will be painted and cleaned. In addition, North Hall, will be cleaned, painted, and see other façade improvements such as new shutters to all windows and renovations to the stairs entrance.

Classroom Enhancements
Students and faculty will see major enhancements to the classroom spaces this Fall. Technology improvements include more than ten new Smartboards in our classrooms and installation of the UB-T880W Panaboard in classrooms across all campuses. The Panaboard is a revolutionary multi-touch interactive whiteboard with a durable surface. Check out this video for a demonstration of the Panaboard. On the PLV Campus, Miller and Lienhard halls will feature all new window treatment that will support the technology in the classrooms. New shades will be installed in each classroom that will not only improve the look of the room and exterior façade but will function better with the technology in these buildings. The faculty lounge in Miller Hall will also get a fresh new look.