Tech Expo Returns to Campus

The second annual Pace Tech Expo comes to the Westchester Campus on March 28 and will feature seminars by faculty and staff, a vendor showcase hosted by a number of big name tech companies, and plenty of free raffles and giveaways.

In just a few weeks the second annual Pace Tech Expo will return to the Westchester Campus, so stop by the Kessel Student Center on Wednesday, March 28 from 10:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. to learn what companies like Dell, Audio/Video Corp., Crestron Electronics, Adobe, HP, Microsoft, Verizon Wireless, Maven Technologies, and more are doing with technology.

The Tech Expo is an opportunity for you to interact and learn about emerging technologies in higher education and the consumer market directly from some of today’s biggest companies in the technology industry.

The event will consist of a vendor technology showcase where you will be able to learn more about educational applications, learn how technology is being utilized in today’s evolving classrooms, and see what is in development for classrooms of the future.  There will also be seminar presentations by vendors and some of Pace University’s esteemed faculty and staff.  These presentations will be focusing on innovative technology for use inside and outside of the classroom.

To learn more about the planned presentations from vendors and faculty, please visit


(i)Tune in to Pace Lectures and More

Lectures on the go? Lessons from the road? Sure! Share your recordings with your students and peers by contributing now to Pace on iTunes U.

iTunes U is a free service for higher education from Apple that provides a means for managing, delivering, and accessing university-related content to all, whether on or off campus.

A new version of Pace on iTunes U has been launched, now featuring recorded lectures and video recordings of campus events, faculty talks, and even digitally re-mastered interviews of Pace College Radio in the 1960s; as well as content featuring Vice President Joe Biden’s Recovery Act Roundtable at Pace, former president Bill Clinton’s Pace Centennial address, the Honorable Sonia Sotomayor’s Pace Law Commencement address, Pulitzer-winning author Junot Diaz, and more.

In addition to new audio and video content, the site features other enhancements, including keyword searching, a subject-based index of recordings and a listing of featured contributors. After months of hard work, CTLT was delighted to launch this new and greatly enhanced version of Pace on iTunes U.

The Pace Community, alumni, and the general public can access Pace on iTunes U at Since the site debuted in October 2008, all recordings have been—and currently are—available to the public and can be downloaded at no charge.

Users can download and play the recordings on their Mac or PC computers or transfer them to an iPod, iPhone, or iPad with just one click; and experience it on-the-go, anytime, making learning from a lecture just as simple as enjoying music.

Pace on iTunes U combines rich new media with innovative teaching and research making it is possible for every Pace faculty member and researcher to effectively and efficiently provide course material to students, colleagues, fellow researchers, as well as the local and global community.

If you have content you’d like to submit, contact Julio Rodriguez, courseware designer and manager of the Pace on iTunes U project, at

Upgrades and Updates

A message from CIO Thomas Hull, information about upgrades to web conferencing, digital signage, and much more!

A Message from Pace’s New CIO Thomas Hull:
It is great to be here as the CIO of Pace University. We are the Information Technology Services (ITS) group that handles all of the computers and systems on campus. I joined Pace after 28 years in the IT industry including being CIO at Siena College, Virginia Commonwealth University, Medical College of Virginia, Visions FCU, Cornell, and IBM. We are proud of the work that we do at Pace ITS and strive to help students and faculty with using computers, wireless networking, and the software applications around campus and from the Internet. Below we have outlined some “highlight” areas of recent enhancements and services that are available to everyone. We want to have the best technology services of any university and if you have any questions or comments, please let us know.

We have extended our ITS Help Desk hours to 8:00 a.m.–7:00 p.m. weekdays and 9:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m. on weekends for the first two weeks of September. Please visit our website for details:  


Blackboard Upgrade
Blackboard has been upgraded to version 9.1 (SP 6). This version brings some new enhancements and addresses outstanding issues we encountered last year.   

Classroom/Lecture Halls
ITS has continued in its pursuit of upgrading technology in the classrooms. Several lecture halls such as Lecture Hall South in NYC and Goldstein 300 in PLV have been converted to high-end rooms. 


Echo 360 (Lecture Capture) Upgrade
As part of the upgrade to version 4, you are now able to login to Echo 360 using your MyPace Portal username and password. This means that logging into the application no longer requires a separate username and password.

Pace University Web Help Desk
Over the course of the last academic year, we have been working with several departments to consolidate their respective areas into one Help Desk ticketing system. We have over 10 major departments that have been incorporated and are continuing to add more!  


Enhancements to OSA Phone Systems
A new system was installed which allows incoming calls to the new OSA call center to be queued instead of going to voice mail during busy periods. 


Web Conferencing Tools
There are many products available providing web conferencing tools. Over the past few months ITS has been evaluating the various options and working to develop our recommendations for the best tools for Pace University needs.    


ePortfolio Updates
The ePortfolio Program has expanded its roots this summer in various areas, including freshman orientation, UNV101, and tenure and promotion (TAP).

New Digital Signage Vendor: ORCA
ITS worked with Marketing and Communications to bring in our new vendor for digital signage –ORCA. All content is now managed, deployed, and distributed through them for the New York City Campus. The signage provides a platform for advertising various news, events and announcements to the Pace community at key locations around the campus.

For more information about these and other news items from ITS, please click here.

All Kinds of Minds

A new Pace institute shows that love of technology, and a little close attention, can help students with learning disabilities move to the head of the class.

“We need to help students who have unique minds to be successful,” said Temple Grandin, PhD, professor and famed autism advocate, during her keynote address at Pace’s 2010 Convocation ceremony. Inspired by these words, Jonathan Hill, DPS, assistant dean for the Seidenberg School of Computer Science Information Systems, and Beth Rosenberg ’12, graduate student in the School of Education pursuing a MSEd in educational technology, envisioned an environment where students with special needs could explore their passion for technology.

Incorporating a love of technology and learning, Hill and Rosenberg developed the Pace Tech All Kinds of Minds Institute. This summer institute, which is geared towards middle school and high school students with learning disabilities such as ADD, ADHD, Asperger’s, and autism, is based on a model of peer mentorship and exploration.

With the aid of a $10,000 Verizon Thinkfinity grant, Seidenberg faculty hosted the inaugural institute late last month. A volunteer from the Seidenberg Summer Scholars program along with other support staff assisted the students enrolled in the All Kinds of Minds program with hands-on tech assignments and group work. The students learned about physical computing, robotics, gaming, and game development.

“This is one of the only technology programs in the area that is suited for these types of learners,” says Rosenberg. “We hired two teaching artists, a social worker, and counselors,” she says. “Working with the kids takes a lot of patience and love, but it also takes a lot of hands. The more individual attention students get, the more likely they are to succeed.”

Rosenberg describes how the students learned about the inner workings of electronic gadgets, locating sensors, arduino boards, lights, and other miniature mechanical components. “We brought in old cell phones and we decided to destroy them—break them open and see what was inside,” she says. “The kids were so into it.”

One of the major goals of the program was to expose the students to the kind of work they could be doing as a future computer scientist or technologist. “You can be schooled to the nth degree,” says Rosenberg, “but if you don’t have a skill to sell, then you don’t really have anything.” Rosenberg and Hill agree that these talented learners could prove to be successful in the job market. With a bit more time and attention, these students could go on to a future in the computer science field.

Guest lecturers also attended to speak to the students about different aspects of computing and the many possibilities that technology holds. Seidenberg student Jeremy Pease ’13, one of the winners at this year’s Pace Pitch Contest, attended the institute as guest lecturer and counselor. “Presenting in front of eight very intelligent—but distracted kids—was just as rewarding as it was challenging,” said Pease. “It was immediately clear that they all wanted to learn. However, simply telling them about new technologies and giving them a PowerPoint presentation wasn’t going to cut it.”

Luckily, the format of the institute accounted for that—with only eight students per class, it gave students the ability to work almost one-on-one with instructors. By having a small group, each student got the individual attention he or she needed.

“[Physically] showing them cool new augmented reality technology kept them engaged and allowed them all to interact with the computer,” Pease says. “Seeing them really excited about this technology, I knew the presentation was a success.”

And Pease isn’t the only one who thinks so! “While Zach occasionally plays video games; this was his first attempt at actually thinking about what went into a game. He has a whole new perspective,” says parent Karen Elder, of her son, Zach. “It was a true learning experience for him and he enthusiastically shared everything he did with his friends and teachers at school.”

All Hands on Tech: Q&A with the University Executive Director of Academic Technology

Beth Gordon Klingner, PhD, discusses her new role as the University Executive Director of Academic Technology and the future of pedagogical technology at Pace.

In March, Matthew F. Bonilla, Interim Vice President and CIO, and Sheying Chen, PhD, the associate provost for academic affairs, announced the appointment of Beth Gordon Klingner, PhD, to the new position of University Executive Director of Academic Technology at Pace.

How does this new position differ from your previous role as the Assistant Dean for Instructional Technology?

I was the Assistant Dean for Instructional Technology in Dyson College, which meant that everything I was doing was only officially for Dyson. Unofficially, I was helping others from different areas of the University. Now I’ve got a broader vantage point.

What are your top three priorities in this new position?

To keep the communication flowing between ITS and the academic areas to ensure that academic technology decisions including planning, purchasing, and implementation are being done in the most effective ways to enhance the teaching and learning experience; to promote the use of ePortfolios for students to enrich and support their academic, extra, and co-curricular work and career development; and to provide leadership and strategic planning for all academic technology initiatives.

I know you’re deeply involved with the promotion of ePortfolios and have done a lot with faculty workshops. What else do you see in the future of academic technology at Pace?

I’d like to further promote ePortfolios for use as a student job search tool—students can use their portfolios to showcase their academic work, projects they’ve done, and their career interests. ePortfolios are also great for faculty and staff. They’re also a great vehicle for student development. Student clubs and organizations could benefit from this technology.

I’m also working closely with the Center for Teaching, Learning, and Technology (CTLT) and we’re collaborating with the Library and the tech folks at the schools. I have actually been collaborating with all of these areas over the years on a variety of initiatives including online/blended learning, ePortfolios for students and faculty, and iPads.  This new position will formalize the collaboration that has already been occurring and will make it easier to share successes and address challenges across the University.

How do you assist the faculty with programming?

I will be working closely with the schools and colleges at Pace to help support the development of new online and blended programs.  For example, I have done this kind of work with the Masters in Homeland Security, which is an innovative blended degree program for working professionals in the field.

How will you be involved in bringing new instructional technology to the Pace Community?

We hold iPad user groups monthly for the faculty. They’re learning not only to use the iPad, but also how to incorporate it into the classroom. It’s already being used in several classes and we hope to use it in more.  [Note: If you’d like to learn more about iPads in the classroom, click here to read entries from the iPad User Blog.]

How are new technologies being implemented in the classroom? What sort of responses have you received to the new technologies?

This is an exciting time at Pace because we have made such a dramatic leap in terms of classroom technologies.  At this point, all of the classrooms have at least a base level of classroom technology. This summer we will be doing further upgrades to enhance some rooms and to also upgrade rooms that are not listed as traditional classroom spaces, but yet are used for class and student group meetings.  We will continue to seek faculty/student input on how best to improve our current classroom technologies and thanks to the Student IT fee, we will be able to keep Pace at the cutting edge in terms of instructional technologies. Examples of this are the implementation of ECHO 360 (lecture capture) capabilities available in all classrooms and the expansion our work with iPads to enhance the overall learning experience.

ITS Updates for May

Take the iPad Challenge, XpressConnect, make your request via Help Desk, and more…

Take the iPad Challenge

As we discover the possibilities and limitations of the iPad, this challenge will help the community share our experiences and learn from one another.  Professor Manuela Soares is the first among us to accept the iPad challenge and you can view her posts on the iPad blog: Prof. Manuela Soares – iPad Challenge.

Are you willing to accept the iPad challenge? If so, then contact Martina Blackwood at

Wireless: Auto-configuration

Wireless simplified! ITS has made XpressConnect by Cloudpath available to Pace wireless users.  Running XpressConnect is a one-time process and provides automatic configuration of wireless devices that connect to the Pace_Secure network.

Pace University Help Desk

Pace University Online Help Desk now houses the following departments:

For all Students, Faculty and Staff:

  • ITS
  • Office of Student Assistance (OSA)
  • Facilities Management

For Faculty and Staff only:

  • Finance
  • and now HR Benefits!

Place your Help Desk requests for any of these areas all from one location: Pace University Help Desk.

Getting Even More Connected

Wireless simplified, Blackboard mobile apps, and Microsoft Lync help you stay in sync with colleagues and students.


The Second Annual ePortfolio Spring Contest is officially underway! Winners will receive a $100 gift card and an Excellence in ePortfolio Award at their campus’s ePortfolio Student Showcase:

  • PLV -Wednesday, May 4
  • NYC-Thursday, May 5

Visit for more information and to submit your ePortfolio by Friday, April 22!

Wireless: Auto-configuration

Wireless simplified! ITS has made XpressConnect by Cloudpath available to Pace wireless users.  Running XpressConnect is a one-time process and provides automatic configuration of wireless devices that connect to the Pace_Secure network.

Blackboard Mobile Learn App

You asked and now it’s here!  ITS has worked with Blackboard to provide the Blackboard Mobile Learn App for the following devices on all cellular carriers:

  • Android
  • Blackberry
  • iDevices (iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad)
  • Palm

New Versions of Internet Browsers

ITS advises users NOT to upgrade to the new versions of Internet Explorer (IE) 9 and Mozilla Firefox 4 that were recently released, as we have not yet certified that all University systems are compatible.   We will notify users when an upgrade is recommended.

Microsoft Lync

Communication at its best!  On Monday, April 11, ITS enabled Microsoft Lync for Pace University faculty and staff.  Microsoft Lync provides integrated audio, video and web conferencing as well as business class instant messaging with real-time presence information.

Please visit our Microsoft Lync support site for details, documentation, training videos, or to register for instructor-led training provided by Microsoft: Microsoft Lync Training.

Pace University Help Desk

Pace University Online Help Desk now houses the following departments:

For all Students, Faculty and Staff:

  • ITS
  • Office of Student Assistance (OSA)
  • Facilities Management

For Faculty and Staff only:

  • Finance
  • and now HR Benefits!

Place your Help Desk requests for any of these areas all from one location: Pace University Help Desk.

Info on the Go

A new mobile bus and finals schedule site for your iPhones, Droids, and iPads; listerv, faxserv, and makeovers; and more. ITS is bringing in the New Year in style!

System Enhancements and Administrative Wireless

ITS will be upgrading the Listserv and Faxserv servers, which will bring improvements to the back-end of both systems.  The Listserv upgrade will provide users with a much more user-friendly interface. Enhancements will also be made to Outlook Web App (, which include options to add themes, publish your calendars to the internet, change expired passwords, and allow users to select mail items using new checkboxes in the mail item list. The spring semester will also begin the process of installing wireless services to administrative locations on campus that were surveyed in the fall semester.

Schedules on the Go

A new mobile beta webpage ( has been created to provide the Pace Community with access to the bus and final exam schedules.  The site is currently available for iPhones, Droids, and iPads, and we are in the process of setting it up to run on the Blackberry phones.  This beta product is a work in progress and is subject to upgrades as we receive user feedback and additional data. For more information, visit the ITS News – Mobile Beta Webpage.

Stronger, Faster, Smarter

Bandwidth upgrades increase your speed, the newly enhanced White Pages makes finding the right person easier than ever, and the debut of a self-service system that enables the Pace Community to generate guest accounts for the wireless/wired network.

Internet Bandwidth Increase and Guest Wireless Account

ITS has increased the internet connection bandwidth from 100Mbps to 1000 Mbps. In addition, the method for requesting Guest Wireless Accounts has been streamlined. Click here for more information.

New and Improved White Pages

ITS has taken valuable feedback from users and enhanced our White Pages. Some of the new features include: portrait photos; sort options for search results; view formatting; and new fields and viewing options. Check it out today.

Getting Techie with IT

On November 3, Information Technology Services (ITS) took you to techie town with Pace’s first-ever Tech Expo. The event featured vendors showcasing their newest wares in higher education technology and faculty demonstrations of how they integrate technology into the classroom and curriculum. The event’s planners hope this will become an annual event and help put Pace on the map as a place for early adopters of innovative technology in higher ed.

Tech Expo

One of the main goals of this expo was to highlight how the technology from these vendors can impact the learning and teaching process in higher education,” says Gabe Moreno, a supervisor in the User Services Department of ITS. “Think about how the iPad has taken hold and how people use it—the capabilities it has, how portable devices such as smart phones are changing how we learn. A lot of schools are looking at making the classroom and learning process a more portable process now.”

The event included a showcase, vendor seminars, faculty seminars, as well as opportunities for hands-on testing of some of the newest tech toys as well as giveaways and raffles. Vendors included Apple, Dell, HP, Crestron (who helped with Pace’s newly remodeled IT-friendly classrooms), Microsoft, AT&T, and Google. Seminars led by Pace faculty included information on the interdisciplinary application of technology in the classroom. Leinhard Professor Elizabeth Berro spoke on the use of high-tech patient stimulators in the clinical setting. Also presenting at the expo was Matt Ganis, adjunct professor of computer science and astronomy, whose seminar focused on the use of SecondLife as a learning tool in higher education.

Among the most well attended seminars were Apple’s iPad presentation and Google’s Apps for Education. “We just moved all our students to Google,” points out Shikha Bajracharya, manager of User Services “[Google’s presentation was] a great chance to communicate with students.” Also presenting was Echo 360, which was software ITS piloted last year that allows faculty to capture audio and PowerPoint presentations, so a professor can give a lecture and post it on Blackboard for students to review. “We got a good response from the pilot program, so we now offer it in all our classrooms and some of the bigger lecture halls also capture video,” Bajracharya says.

The Tech Expo took place in the Student Union and was open to everyone in the Pace Community—students, faculty, and staff —as well as high school students and other universities in the New York City and Westchester areas.“We’re hoping it will become an annual,” says Bajracharya. “It’s a great way to get Pace’s name out there, and get high schools and other schools involved to expand our network.”

“While you may have tech expos, we noticed there isn’t anything devoted to higher education around here,” says Moreno. Bajracharya and Moreno, along with Colin Harris of User Services, are part of a committee that helped pull this event together. In addition to doing research on vendors and other tech expos, they also worked with Ithaca College, which has been running a similar event for almost 20 years.

For more details on the event, including video footage of faculty and vendor seminars, visit the Pace Tech Expo 2010 website at:

Auld Lang Syne

As we bid a fond farewell to CIO Ravi Ravishanker, what could be more appropriate than revisiting some of the things he and his IT team accomplished during the past year? So put on your party hat, break out your noisemaker, and take a trip down memory lane with their latest Annual Report.

The ITS 2009-2010 Annual Report highlights the important accomplishments and changes that have happened within the organization over the last year. This year’s report is chockfull of interesting tidbits and major milestones that have occurred within the department. The report is broken down into three easily digestible categories—engagement in academic mission, enhancement of technology experience, and increases in administrative efficiencies—and mentions everything from giving classrooms a high-tech facelift (that’s scalpel free) to launching tech support for iPhone users. Read more about these efforts and many more in this year’s ITS Annual Report.

ITS Connect

From a brand new help desk to zip code changes, ITS has been all over the map this summer.

ITS Cuts the Cord

On September 1, ITS began implementing a more secure wireless network called Pace_Secure that will encrypt all wireless traffic. This is a one-time configuration change that will automatically log you into the wireless network, without having to re-enter your MyPace Portal Username and Password multiple times when moving to various locations on campus.

All wireless users will need to make specific configuration changes prior to connecting to Pace’s wireless network. These changes will only need to be made once, as your operating system will be able to remember your settings.  For details and configuration documentation, please visit Configuring My Wireless.

Please note:  All devices should be WPA2 compatible.  Users with WPA hardware will need to upgrade by the Spring semester.

    Movin’ On Over to the 10570

    The ITS Help Desk and Briarcliff Client Support Offices have moved from Briarcliff Manor to Pleasantville.  They can now be found in Willcox Hall, 2nd Floor. 

    New Help Desk Open for Business

    The new Pace University Online Help Desk system is up and running.  You can access it at  Check out a video tutorial on how to use the new system.  You can also submit your questions by sending an e-mail to If there are any questions or issues, please contact the ITS Help Desk at (914) 773-3648 or

    Additional updates for faculty and staff include:

    Blackboard upgrade: Blackboard has been upgraded to version 9.0, a more user-friendly version. New features  include the addition of blogs and journals. For Blackboard 9 Resources, click here. The course shell quota has also been increased from 250MB to 2GB—allowing more space for each course. And ITS is working feverishly to upgrade Blackboard to version 9.1 and support Bb Mobile, a version of Blackboard that works on selected mobile devices. Stay tuned!

    Banner upgrade: Banner and all third-party products have been upgraded to the latest 8.0 releases. This provides an enhanced Internet Native Banner and user-friendly Self-Service Banner environments to the students, faculty, and staff.
    Turnitin: Pace now has a University-wide license for Turnitin, the anti-plagiarism and peer review software. The version Pace will use is integrated with Blackboard. Students using the application can check their writing for improperly used content, inadvertent plagiarism, or quotation errors. CTLT and the school IT directors are working on training material.
    Mobile Classrooms: Pace has implemented two 30 laptop mobile classrooms on the NYC and PLV Campuses, providing laptops to students during a classroom session. When the laptops are not being used, they will be circulated in the library.  Faculty interested in this project should contact the Educational Media Center at: or call Richard Miller at (212) 346-1550.
    Faculty/Staff Exchange e-mail quota increased to 2GB: All faculty and staff Exchange e-mail allotments have been increased to 2GB.  This is an increase from the 100 MB previous quota.
    Classroom/Lecture Halls: All classrooms are now equipped with built-in industry standard instructional technology (computer, projector, screen).  In addition, 10 new High End Classrooms and two Lecture Halls are available with feature-rich, fully-integrated touch screen control systems, blu-ray players, annotation capability and easy laptop/device hook ups.  For a complete list of the spaces being outfitted with technology over the summer, click here. ITS has created an e-mail address ( for students, faculty, and staff to easily report any issues experienced with our classroom technology.  All of your issues will automatically generate an ITS Helpdesk ticket and be swiftly addressed.
    Echo 360 (Lecture Capture): The University is now offering Lecture Capture in all Pace classrooms.  If any professor is interested in having their lectures captured and posted for their students on Blackboard, contact Tony Soares at
    ePortfolio: Electronic Portfolios (ePortfolios) are repositories for student work that can be shared with faculty and other audiences such as prospective employers. They also provide a means for students to reflect on their work and life experiences at the University. Pace successfully piloted an open source ePortfolio called Mahara during the Spring 2010 semester and is now offerring all Pace students ePortfolios for the Fall 2010 semester. Visit for detailed information about the project.
    Podcast Producer: ITS has fully configured a Podcast Producer that is accessible to the Pace community.  With Apple Podcast Producer, the process of creating and publishing podcasts is completely automatic, so now it’s easy to publish your podcast to iTunes, a blog, or other website.  It is equally as easy for users to download your podcast to their computer, iPod, iPhone, or Apple TV.  For more information contact Joe Constantino at
    Macs and Final Cut Pro: ITS and the Library are adding additional Macs to facilities in both NYC and Westchester.  These units will be equipped with Apple’s Final Cut Pro, a sophisticated video editing program, for students, faculty, and staff who would like to utilize the product.
    Videoconferencing: High-definition, state-of-the-art video conferencing rooms were constructed to replace the entire infrastructure of the previous system.  The following locations have been updated: PLV, Miller Room 16; WP, Graduate Center Room 509; and NYC, 1 Pace Plaza Room E319. This project objective was to enhance the student learning experience and encourage communication between campuses.  Rooms come equipped with full digital collaboration capabilities, large screen displays, integrated controls and remote access tools such as Movi which allows students and faculty to participate remotely via their own computer.
    Wireless in the classrooms and dorms: Wireless is no longer an issue for students who bring their laptops or portable devices to class or the dorms.  As of July, all Pace classrooms and dorms have been equipped with robust wireless access.
    Document Services move – The Document Services Copy Center in Willcox Hall was renovated and expanded to accommodate the relocation of our high-volume production center from an off-campus location.  The new copy center offers expanded services and quicker turnaround times for all print work.