New Travel Management Program

Whether you’re constantly on the road or travel just a few times a year, learn how Finance and Planning can help you manage your travel, with 24/7 information online.

The Travel Guard program, launched in March by the Finance and Planning Department, allows faculty, staff, and student groups to manage any and all of their travel arrangements seamlessly via a new travel portal. The new program will work in conjunction with the new travel credit card, which will be made available to the Pace Community in July.

This travel card will alleviate the need for Pace employees to pay out-of-pocket while conducting University business by allowing you to purchase transportation tickets and pay for hotel stays, meals, etc. without having to go through the hassle of reimbursement. Click here for more information about the travel card as well as a card application.

Members of the Pace Community can book all aspects of their trip (airline, hotels, car rentals) through the travel portal, the same way they would at any other online travel website—all at competitive fares consistent with the travel market.

The Travel Guard program will also allow you to store your travel preferences and membership program numbers (air, hotel, and car), offers the option of selecting a travel arranger or proxy, enables you to add your itinerary to your Outlook calendar, and provides you with a variety of search option. In addition, Travel Guard customers have access to the following services:

  • Reservation assistance
  • Domestic and international air tickets
  • Hotel and lodging accommodations (with discounts from more than 25,000 properties worldwide )
  • Car rentals and ground transportation (including discounted car programs)
  • Group travel arrangements
  • Tour and event coordination
  • Travel medical assistance
  • Emergency travel assistance
  • Worldwide travel assistance
  • Ground transportation coordination
  • Weather and travel services
  • Theater, museum, and family activity referrals and reservations
  • Holiday, cultural events, and special occasion reminders and gift ideas
  • Kosher restaurant referrals, synagogue locations, and more

Please visit the Finance and Planning website for program overview, reference guides, booking fees, and training tools. Please feel free to contact the Purchasing and Contracts Department at ext: 2642 for questions regarding the travel program.